Sad Day For Babies


Dang. Not a good news day for babies. In Philadelphia, police found dozens of frozen babies when they raided an clinic after the death of a mother undergoing an abortion. There is now an on-going investigation into the performance of illegal, late-term abortions. “There was blood on the floor, and parts of aborted fetuses were displayed in jars,” states the order to suspend the Dr’s practice, which called Gosnell’s continued practice of medicine “an immediate and clear danger to the public health and safety.”

Then from Russia, we have this sad story of a journalist in Russia who wrote an article titled The article titled “Finish it off so it doesn’t suffer,” and calls for the euthanasia of disabled newborns. The author Aleksandr Nikonov argues that the birth of a disabled child for many families would be an unbearable tragedy, “a hell”, and that “the killing of the newborn is in fact the same as an abortion”. He states that depriving infants, who will never be able to take care of themselves, of life is “true humanism”. What a putz. He is correct in one thing, however  – it is the same as an abortion. In Russia, abortions are legal for “social reasons” up to 22 weeks, and for medical reasons at any time. They also have the highest abortion rate per capita in the world. So, you can legally kill a full-term disabled infant as long as it was still in-utero. This journalist is saying – in offensive terms – that parents should be able to make the same choice after the birth. He’s not the first one, though.  They’ve been saying (and doing) it in Holland for a while now.

Following the complaint, and ad hoc board of the Union of Russian Journalists accused the author of the article of breaching professional ethics and criticized the newspaper for not presenting any material to balance Nikonov’s piece.

The author disagrees with the criticism and defends his position: “You make people suffer for the sake of ideologies and interpretations of humanism you have in your head. What we offer is choice, and you wrap it inside out, presenting it as if we call for killing of all those disabled people. Nothing like that! We don’t stand against wheel cart ramps or your right to bring up disabled children, we stand for the right to choose,” he told the board.

Sorry, bub. It’s not a choice, it’s a baby. Every baby deserves to live. Every baby deserves to be loved. Every baby deserves a family. And, there is a family out there who would welcome every baby, no matter the diagnosis. I promise.


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  1. JBT Says:

    A newborn child is a “baby”. Prior to birth the proper term is “fetus” the eight week of gestation and beyond. It is an embryo from the time of conception to the stage it becomes a fetus.

  2. Cameron Says:

    JBT, it would seem you missed a large portion of this post. Anyone intellectually honest realizes that there is little difference between a child pre-birth and post. The Russian written about in the post realizes this. Unfortunately it led him to advocate infanticide.

  3. Michelle Says:

    In Romania, they kill NEWBORN BABIES at birth if it appears to be disabled. They drive a shunt through the brain. It is a horror and a tragedy. We can not tolerate this immoral and irresponsible behavior because some people are so selfish as to believe that child couldn’t possibly be wanted or lovable.

    Seriously, disgusting.

  4. JBT Says:

    Anyone who is intellectually hones uses the appropriate terms. Holly uses the words “dozens of frozen babies” in her link to generate an emotional response. The article linked to uses the words “frozen fetuses”. You would think that someone with medical training as a midwife would know the correct terminology.

  5. Cathy Young Says:

    This breaks my heart Sad times in the world……

  6. Cameron Says:

    That’s just the point JBT. The Russian understands that there is no difference between the two. People all over the world are using the same arguments that abortionists do to advocate infanticide.

  7. Greg Says:


    The convenient euphemism of using the term fetus rather than baby is a deliberate attempt to soften the horror of children who have been killed prior to birth. While it is scientifically correct to call a baby in utero a fetus, calling the baby a baby is not only accurate, but pre-dates the usage of the term fetus by the scientific community by thousands of years.

    So back to to the question of intellectual honesty. Who is being dishonest, the person who uses the term used for thousands of years or the person who tries to hide the humanity of dead children by using medically accurate terms and denying the validity words commonly used for millennia.

  8. JBT Says:

    That is nonsense Greg. Go read some laws from the 21st Century or a medical encyclopedia. You could call a fertilized egg (embryo) a baby too by your reasoning, but it is no more a baby than the eggs you eat for breakfast are a chicken.

    Nature kills fetuses all the time and we call that a miscarriage, not a still birth. There is no death certificate or funeral. Conservatives have such a heartfelt concern for the unborn, but that concern quickly evaporates when the birth is to a poor addicted single mother living on welfare in an inner city slum. Then they whine about how the federal government robs them of their tax money to support such lazy deadbeats who pop out children just to get more welfare. What hypocrisy. When you start advocating for all children as vocally and with your pocketbook as you do for the unborn, then I will take notice of what you say.

  9. Greg Says:


    You seem to be ignoring the issues raised in this post in favor of a an academic debate about the terms used to describe the development of human children from inception to birth. This post did not address that issue.

    The first story mentioned in the post is about an abortion clinic in Philidelphia doing “illegal, late-term abortions”, not spontaneously aborted embryos a few days or weeks old.

    The second story is about human babies, not embryos or fetuses. They are, even according to medical encyclopedias produced in the 21st century, human babies. Call it infanticide, or euthanasia, or find a term in your favorite 21st century encyclopedia, they are still living, breathing human baby and it is a tragedy that anyone would advocate for killing them.

    Your presumption that I do nothing to help children born in difficult circumstances is ignorant, offensive, and wrong. I have served as a foster parent, I have adopted children born to “poor addicted single mothers”, and I have adopted children with severe handicaps.

    Your holier-than-thou, smarter-than-thou, more-enlightened-than-thou attitude completely precludes any reasonable exchange of ideas. If you wish to have any serious impact on conservatives (the target audience for HollyOnTheHill), you need dial down the invective and stop branding those who disagree with your political positions with absurd caricatures and stereotypes.

  10. JBT Says:

    1. This post raised the issue of terminology by showing a picture of a healthy baby and changing the headline of the story from frozen fetuses to frozen babies. There is a difference.

    2. There is no proof that the clinic in the story is doing illegal late term abortions, that is part of the investigation.

    3. The second story is an opinion espoused by a Russian journalist saying essentially that if it is legal to perform an abortion on a profoundly handicapped fetus, then it should be legal to euthanize the infant once it has been born. One can agree or disagree with this premise, but coaching the argument against in sentimental and unrealistic terms saying “there is a family out there who would welcome every baby, no matter the diagnosis” is sheer fantasy.

    4. You are to be commended for the fact that you act upon your convictions and care for adopted children. The fact is that there are simply not enough people like you who have the love and desire AND THE MEANS to do so to care for all such children in the world.

    5. The last thing on earth I care to do is “reach” conservatives. I am not going to change anyone’s closed mind especially on such a hot button topic. What I do intend to do is to continue to call BS on this blog and others when sappy sentimentalism and misuse of terms is used to make up for a lack of reasoned arguments and factual information.

  11. MWB Says:

    As society, we do not respect life. We do not understand that all life is precious. Sometimes children are unexpectedly conceived. However, once they are conceived, they should be respected. There are numerous, much better options than destroying life. We as a society have got to get back to a place where all life is respected and seen as sacred.

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