Earthquake in Alaska


Last week, almost no one knew the name of Senator Lisa Murkowski’s challenger for the GOP nomination in Alaska – and no one really cared.  This morning they all do – it’s Joe Miller. – and it looks like he will be the next Senator from Alaska. Less than a week ago, national pundits were saying that a Murkowski loss was “extremely unlikely”.

Miller – with little notice – announced his candidacy in April.  Todd Palin held a fundraiser for him in May and Sarah Palin endorsed him the beginning of June.  The Tea Party Express jumped on board, but polling did not show much of a chance for Joe – 62% Murkowski, 30% Miller in July.

Results this morning show how quickly politics can change.  Miller leads Murkowski 51% to 49%, with 2000 votes separating the two and 98% of the precincts counted.  Absentee ballots are still outstanding.  It looks like the relentless efforts by Miller, the Palin’s and the Tea Party Express will pay off in a big way for the conservative movement – at least in Alaska.


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