Becky Lockhart running for Speaker


Tonight Representative Becky Lockhart (R-Provo) confirmed that she is running for Speaker of the Utah House. First elected in 1998, she is currently serving as the Assistant Majority Whip.

“If we want different results,” she said, “we must do things differently and that means a different leadership team.”

Asked if she had the votes, she replied that she would not be running if she did not believe she could win. She would neither confirm nor deny other potential members of her leadership team. Paul Rolly of the Salt Lake Tribune reports other members of the slate as Wayne Harper for majority leader and Craig Frank as majority whip.

She is prepared for a tough fight over the next two months as she takes on the sitting Speaker, Dave Clark (R-Santa Clara). If elected, she would be Utah’s first woman Speaker and join a tiny minority of female Speakers. There are only 5 nationwide, all of whom are Democrats. At 41, she believes she would also be the youngest Speaker ever elected in Utah.

Former Utah GOP chair, Stan Lockhart, said he believed she would be an excellent speaker.  Of course he happens to be married to her….


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3 Responses to “Becky Lockhart running for Speaker”

  1. tom s. Says:

    I thought Lockhart was a man who worked for Micron???? Whats the deal with this revolving door. These people are all either lobbyists or in bed with lobbyists. I hope no one votes for her.

  2. natalie Says:


  3. Gregory Says:

    I don’t know if Becky Lockhart will be successful in her bid for speaker or not, but I have been impressed with her character in the house. In my opinion she has been a great legislator.
    I think complaining that Becky is “in bed” with lobbyists because her husband is a lobbyist is a cheap shot. She has been married to him longer than he has worked as a lobbyist, and both have devoted many years to public service. As far I can tell they have a good marriage and have been good parents. Suggesting that her relationship with her husband disqualifies her from house leadership is nonsense. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

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