Corroon lovin’ him some money


Corroon was asked by Senate hopeful Sam Granato what he would like in his US Senator. Corroon’s answer? “A lot of money coming to the county governments.” Is he saying he needs a bailout because he can’t manage the county? Or that he just looks to the federal government to be his sugar daddy? Granato is left speechless by the way…..


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12 Responses to “Corroon lovin’ him some money”

  1. The General's Son Says:

    I watched the whole video and it was obviously tongue and cheek. Have some integrity and make a video that actually means something.

  2. Phillip Bell, EA Says:

    Is the whole video on YouTube. I would be like to watch it as well.

  3. Lady Logician Says:

    Yes please…link the whole video please General’s Son…..

  4. Joel Nelson Says:

    It didn’t seem tongue-in-cheek to me – Sam Granato seemed to want to give him the tax payer funds he asked for. Mayor Carroon has mismanaged tax payer funds throughout his career as mayor, as evidenced by his support for the UPD “fee.” These men need to find employment outside of politics until they figure out the limited role of government.

  5. John Cheshire Says:

    If SLC runs as efficiently as Carroon claims, why would he need Sam Granato to pinch off earmarks for him? Dems do love money, especially when its other peoples money right?

  6. tom harkin Says:

    Can I get some earmarks too? Earmarks for everyone!!!! GO CORROON!

  7. Peter Corroon Says:

    That is not me in the video, I have NEVER ridden a live unicorn.. Only in my dreams and after toasting the chronic with my cousin Howard Dean do I ride unicorns.

  8. Sam Granato Says:

    Did you see me shake my head? What an imbecile.

  9. Gary Herbert Says:

    If you want a state contact all you need to do is give me a contribution and I will virtually not know about it during the election season. BTW, I have ridden unicorns.

  10. Kevin Garn Says:

    How is my hot tub bill coming? I mean really, if your in a hot tub it’s not the same as being in Utah!

  11. Sheldon Killpack Says:

    I want to know why a cop can decide to pull me over for being drunk just because I’m drunk?

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