Lisa Murkowski – You Lost!


Ad playing in Alaska right now. Murkowski tried to get it off the air. Didn’t work. So, she gave out the number for the Tea Party Express and wanted people to call and demand it be removed. They called in all right – and donated money to keep it on the air. Love it.


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3 Responses to “Lisa Murkowski – You Lost!”

  1. The Writer Says:

    The big irony about Murkowski? She was appointed by her father, not elected by the people. And she thinks she’s entitled to stay in place.

  2. fhayekfan Says:

    Just donated to Joe Miller’s campaign. Let’s put our money where our principles are!

  3. Joni Says:

    If you’re in Utah, protest by voting for Morgan Philpot for U.S. Congress, he is the one who needs support in Utah. We are so tired in the 2nd Congressional District of being represented by a Yellow Tail, Blue Dog, Matheson, there is nothing moderate about him. We need republicans to vote republican. And Philpot will be on Fox Business News tonight at 5 MST, watch him on National TV!

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