Utah’s own political rockstar – Jason Chaffetz


Passionate, articulate, hard worker, impact player. [He] is an energetic new voice for the principles of fiscal discipline and limited government. – John Boehner

A freshman with [his] soul left. He really does want to get in there and expose corruption and he really doesn’t care which side it’s on. He should be a refounder. – Glenn Beck

“Think about a Congressman who refuses to have the expenses of a Washington home and sleeps on a cot in his office, refuses to provide a penny of pork to his constituents, will go back to his constituents this holiday and tell them, “You know what, I have no bridges, I have no schools, I have no hospitals, I have no flagpoles named after me. I have none of that.” Imagine if 434 other congressmen did that, a hundred senators did that, a President attempted to do that, pretty big.” Neil Cavuto, 12-10-2009

In 2008, Dan Jones published a poll prior to the GOP state convention that showed political newcomer Jason Chaffetz with 4% of the vote. Undeterred, he and his campaign pushed forward and left the convention 9 votes shy of 60%. Outspent by his incumbent opponent 6 to 1, he captured the GOP nomination with over 60% of the vote in the primary and cruised to victory in November. His platform of limited government, fiscal discipline, accountability and a strong national defense carried the day. Those planks are now familiar talking points, but just two years ago, he delivered them in a way that was a stunning shift from “traditional” campaigning. He even chastised his own party while campaigning – gasp! That was simply unheard of. Chaffetz was Tea Party before Tea Party was cool. He was the leading edge of what will be a tsunami less than two weeks from now – and guess what. He delivered.

He has spent his political capital on those 4 areas of fiscal discipline, limited government, accountability and a strong national defense.  He has worked on hundreds of  bills, either sponsored or co-sponsored.  As a freshman in the minority, it is unusual to pass any bills at all, but he has passed a number of them, including getting $106 million power plant in Diamond Fork without an earmark and getting the Magna Water District $12 million to clean up water contaminated by the federal government.

When Chaffetz hit DC in January 2009, he did it with a cot in hand. Now a well-known tourist attraction, the cot represents the frugality Chaffetz is known for. Throughout his entire run for office, he maintained that how you run your campaign was how you would govern – and he has followed through in spades as an award winning fiscal hawk. He received the 2009 “Defender of Economic Freedom” from Club for Growth, the “Taxpayer’s Friend” award from the National Taxpayers Union, and the 111th Congress “Tax Fighter Award” from the National Tax Limitation Committee. He has also earned a 100% rating from the American Conservatives Union and an A rating from numbers USA. He has been an integral part in Rep Eric Cantor’s YouCut plan, where citizens vote on the next program to cut. (Unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled Congress has killed every YouCut proposal brought forward.) He is admired and respected by his colleagues for his get-to-work, no-nonsense attitude.

Passing legislation is only one part of being a legislator.  He has a remarkable ability to lead and to get people to follow.  He instituted the Sunset Caucus, designed to find and end federal programs that no longer serve a purpose.  He is a ranking member of a subcommittee—virtually unheard for a freshman.  He is fearless when it comes to speaking up for those Republican principles he champions. He has had hundreds of opportunities to talk with the press.  He talks about the need to stop spending, the live within our means, to reduce the reach and influence of the federal government – even his military stance of “Go big or go home.”  He took on Obama himself and instead of lobbing softballs, he pointed out broken promises on healthcare, earmarks, lobbyists and more.  “We have a deficit of trust,” he said.  It was not an accident that he was chosen for that role by GOP leadership.  He was even willing to got on the Colbert show when 434 other Representatives were afraid to.

Back in his district, he and his staff have dealt with hundreds of cases for people needing assistance with immigration, with military issues and many other federal agencies.  He and his staff have attended  hundreds of outreach meetings, answered thousands of phone calls and held town hall meetings where thousands of people came to express their concerns.  He welcomed all comers and answered questions from constituents across the political spectrum.  He has earned accolades from groups and individuals who were more than a little skeptical two years ago.  Last weekend, theSalt Lake Tribune even endorsed him, saying “Chaffetz has shown a mastery of the issues and the political process. Third District voters should elect Chaffetz to a second term and see how high his star can rise.”

This year, all across this nation we will be voting for people we think will best represent us. This year, clearly the American people’s desire is for the government to stop spending more than it takes in, to decrease its size and scope and for elected officials who have the political will to actually get the work done.  Undoubtedly, some candidates who will win on Nov 2 saw where public opinion was going and adapted themselves and their message to fit.  Jason Chaffetz, however, is the real deal.  He led out with that message and has proven time and again over the last 2 years that he means it.  He is young, he is energetic and he is THE new face of the GOP.  In short, he is a political rockstar with a skyrocketing political trajectory.

He has EARNED my unabashed support and endorsement for a second term.  If you live in the Third Congressional District, please join me in sending Jason Chaffetz back to DC to represent us to Washington – because you can be dang sure he won’t be trying to represent Washington to us.


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4 Responses to “Utah’s own political rockstar – Jason Chaffetz”

  1. Aaron Gabrielson Says:

    Chaffetz earned the “Friend of the Taxpayer Award” while Matheson was named “Hostile to the Taxpayer” by Citizens Against Government Waste. http://ccagwratings.org/?page_id=737

    What a difference there is between these two Utah congressmen.

    Too bad everytime Chaffetz votes to reduce government, Matheson votes to make it bigger. Chaffetz’s vote just gets cancelled out by our so called “Blue Dog” Democrat who happens to have a terrible record on spending.

    If we want to actually put some limits on the Federal government we have to get rid of the guys making it bigger. It is time for Utahn’s to get Matheson out and put Morgan Philpot in.

  2. M Says:

    He is what the Founders had in mind. I’m voting to send him back.

  3. Sandi Boley Says:

    How can I post this on my Facebook.

  4. Sandi Boley Says:

    Utah better wake-up and get to know Jason and VOTE FOR HIM, he is one of the BEST besides Mike Lee and Morgan Philpot. Not only to WE THE PEOPLE in Utah but America! God bless him always.

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