Chaffetz headed to Appropriations Committee?


Congressman Jason Chaffetz, in line for a chairmanship of a subcommittee under Rep Darrell Issa, may instead find himself on the most powerful committee in the House – Appropriations.

A Politico article on Boehner and “tea party sweeteners” had this tidbit:

Cantor continues to push for reform-minded conservatives on committees such as Appropriations, Energy and Commerce, and Rules — known colloquially as “exclusive committees.” Reps. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Jeff Flake of Ariz. are the leading conservatives who have shown interest in seats on the spending panel.

The Appropriations committee is widely recognized by political scientists as one of the “power committees,” since it holds the power of the purse. It is one of the exclusive committees of the House, meaning its members typically sit on no other committee. Much of the power of the committee comes from the inherent utility of controlling spending. Its subcommittee chairmen are often called “Cardinals” because of the power they wield over the budget.

It is also a committee known for its ability to direct pork-barrel spending to a member’s home district – or districts of their friends.

Putting Chaffetz and Flake on this powerful committee might signal a real desire to see substantive reform, since both are “anti-pork.” Or, it could be a gesture of appeasement with no substantive impact. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is the first…..


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2 Responses to “Chaffetz headed to Appropriations Committee?”

  1. Ann Ford Says:

    I agree with you, Holly. I hope Jason’s head is not “turned” if he receives this appointment. After reading Jim DeMint’s “welcome” to the new Congressmen, I understand the pressure from the “seniors” in Congress to leave things as they have been. “Seniority” should not mean anything in Congress as every district is a district of citizens and one district should not reap the spoils of seniority over another. I hope Jason and Flake can be the beginning of a change in “tradition.”

  2. reffaree Says:

    ANN FORD & HOLLY HILL 2012! If I know Jason he will hold his conservative stand and do the right thing. He knows We The People of Utah and will do what is right unlike the 2nd District rep who is already whining about re-districting and crying to Gov. Herbert.

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