School makes boy remove American flag


In Denair, California, middle school officials told Cody Alicea to remove the American flag on the back of his bike. Apparently concerned that the flag would incite “racial tensions or uprisings“, school officials decided (after 2 months) that the 13 year-old could no longer come to school with Old Glory.

Cody complied, but expressed his disappointment to a local television station. He and his family hoped to talk to school officials about their policy.

The story hit on Veteran’s Day and quickly went viral. Spurred to action, neighborhood residents organized a protest march against the school while a Texas group vows to send 1,000,000 flags to the school. Congressman-elect Jeff Denham, a Republican from Merced, denounced the school’s decision and offered to fly Cody to Washington DC to attend his swearing-in on January 5th.

School officials were quick to back-track on Friday and issued an open letter stating that it was “unfortunate that the entire story of this issue has not been fully portrayed in the media.” They noted that the “student involved in this incident” is once again allowed to fly his flag. They also said that the matter will be discussed at their upcoming Board meeting this week. I’m guessing it will be VERY well attended.


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One Response to “School makes boy remove American flag”

  1. Rusty Says:

    From the school’s letter, it sounds like another student, or group of students were threatening some kind of action against Cody that the school got wind of and botched the way they handled speaking to Cody about it. From the video, the family clearly was given no reason for the request and they simply wanted to find out the reason. This is more an example of the media wanting to run with the partial story they have rather than wait a day for a response from the other party. They even admitted they knew the school and district offices were closed for Veteran’s Day.

    The school should have notified Cody’s parents that they had requested he remove the flag from his bike for his personal safety, and they would let them know when the threat had been dealt with.

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