Federal dollars and legislative posturing


Tomorrow, the Utah legislature will convene a special session for the purpose of voting on whether to take $101 million from the federal government.  Let’s be clear.  They will take the money.  But before they do, we’ll hear more talk about how the money is bad.  More talk about overreach by the federal government.  More about the usurpation of states’ rights.  But they will take it.

Why? Because the federal government has “barbed” the deal.  If the state decides NOT to take the money, the federal government can – and undoubtedly will – give the money directly to individual school districts. The legislature can have some control over where the money goes or they can have no control. The legislature is also very tightly bound by where they can spend the money. It can’t go for brick and mortar – it must go for personnel. So, for those states who couldn’t – or wouldn’t – balance their budget, it’s a reward for bad behavior. A bailout for irresponsibility. It punishes those responsible states who have balanced their budgets by giving them one-time money for on-going needs. They’ll also take it because more legislators want it than oppose it.

So – the special session will convene, the speeches in opposition will be given, enough people will vote no to prove their point – and the majority will vote to take the money. The biggest drawback? The lashing that will come from the far right for every legislator not “pure” enough to vote no.


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10 Responses to “Federal dollars and legislative posturing”

  1. theSTARforum Says:

    So, I guess I’m considered “far right.” I see myself wanting to uphold our states rights, period. This is not about the kids, it’s about the federal government forcing the states’ hands. This is not about doing good for our children now, but about robbing their futures because this isn’t real money anyway. IT’S DEBT.

    I don’t consider myself far right, just standing next to the Constitution.

  2. Utah_1 Says:

    Valid Point Holly. If they turn it down, the Feds go around the state weakening what states rights/powers we have.

    Anyway to repeal this law at the federal level?
    Anyway for it to be declared unconstitutional?

    If not, what do you do? It is bad if you take the money, and even worse if you don’t.

  3. Don Says:

    the bills on the roll should be 1,000,000.00 bills, you know the fake one with Lady Liberty. Which would be perfect as nearly all bills are fake (or more or less worthless) these days and politicians seem to love wiping their junk with money built on the backs of liberty

  4. Hey Dumas Says:

    Listen, look at the money as Utah’s just deserves for all the federal land in our state we can’t sell to developers!

  5. Brian Says:

    Well put, Holly.

  6. John Says:

    Some control v. no control = They take the money.

  7. theSTARforum Says:

    Hey Dumas. Yes, they will take the money. And Utah does probably deserve it. But the fact that the legislator is being circumvented by the Federal government should be an outrage to all. Our state sovereignty once again is crushed. We will soon be mere serfs to the Feds.

  8. The Writer Says:

    What I think is missing in this discussion is: where is there a soul in the federal government that is looking out for Utah? We talk about the federal gov like it’s this monolithic entity. It’s not. There are a lot of different players, but I haven’t heard much about what our pieces in it–our representatives and Senators–are doing to see that the state of Utah gets its say. Instead, this goes straight to a huge constituency–teachers, who then pay dues to an affiliate of the largest union in America, the UEA, who then lobby and write legislation for legislators that allow bypass of Utah law and policy makers, donates money to Congressmen and Senators, and in the end, completely bypasses any will of the people of Utah as expressed in who they elect.

    Can you hear my frustration? If Utah wants to take money this way, that’s one thing, but let Utah make the decision. This bypasses anything democratic, or republican, to buy influence with voters without requiring those same voters to look at the consequences or costs….

  9. reffaree Says:

    HEY – HEY DUMAS – two wrongs dont make a right. B=Dumazz

  10. reffaree Says:

    the WRITER is Right! We the People want the say. Not the Feds. Call me calling for CW2. But States rights. We paid in , we should say where it goes. Especailly if we are FORCED to take the funding. Eff the feds. SAFE SCHOOL SZAR? jENNINGS IS AN OBANANATION. Seminars on Fisting, encouraging underage sex for 16 Yo’s. nUFF SAID

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