Dave Hansen resigns as state GOP chair


Today at the state central committee meeting, current GOP chair Dave Hansen resigned from his seat. He says his departure does NOT mean that Senator Orrin Hatch is running in 2012 (but really, does anyone think he is not running?!) He did say that he wanted to ensure that if/when Senator Hatch does decide to run, he will have a fully staffed team.

Vice-chair Kitty Dunn will also join him in resigning January 22. That day, a new chair and vice-chair will be elected by the state GOP central committee. So far, the only person who has officially tossed their hat in the ring is current Salt Lake county chair, Thomas Wright. Wright did a remarkable job during the last election cycle with fundraising, grassroots activism and showed that indeed, Republicans CAN get elected in Salt Lake County. Republicans picked up 3 legislative seats and a county council seat last month.


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  1. Kris Kimball Says:

    Good job this morning on Red Meat. I caught your interview with Thomas Wright, he sounds like he is the “right” guy for the State Party Chair.

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