House invokes martial law!


Not with the National Guard but with the lame duck session, which is almost as concerning and perhaps more dangerous. Rep. Louise Slaughter introduced martial law this morning, effective through December 18th. Under “martial law“, the rules that require at least one day between the unveiling of significant legislation and the House floor vote on that legislation is tossed out the door.

Now, the lame-duck, Democrat majority leadership can file legislation with tens, hundreds or even thousands of pages of fine print and move immediately to debate and subsequent voting. We’ve seen something like this before. Earlier this year, it was called the “Slaughter” rule or “deem-and-pass“. No need for Representatives to know what they are passing – or “we the people.”

Another new set of bills we’ll have to pass to find out what’s in them.

And, you want another real kicker? The “continuing resolution” that allows the government to keep operating in the absence of a budget now has incorporated the language of the Food Safety Bill. That means if we fund government, S510 becomes law. Doncha just love the lame-duck???


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17 Responses to “House invokes martial law!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Do you have an official document, Youtube or something that shows them declaring martial law? Not that I distrust you but want something more tangible before I send it out to all I know.

  2. hollyonthehill Says:

    Matt, it was released by Rep Eric Cantor, GOP Whip. I linked to his floor update from today. HRes 1752, intro’d by Louise Slaughter. Passed out of rules on a 6-3 vote.

  3. Cherilyn Eagar Says:

    Which is why we cannot pursue a Term Limits Amendment or any other term limit except at the ballot box, with ear mark reforms and with electing officials that will abide by the rule of law and original intent of the Constitution.

  4. John Says:

    Someone told me the Food Safety bill had an amendment attached that exempts those farmers or companies that make less than $500,000 or do not widely distribute. Do you know if that’s true?

  5. Kris Says:

    Nullification is sounding better all the time. If it was good enough for Jefferson back in 1798 it is good enough for us today.

  6. Kris Says:

    John from what I have read that $500,000 ammendement refers to sales and not the profit the framer makes. You could in reality have a small farmer with over $500,000 in sales and only see a $50,000 profit and he would not be exempt from the bill.

  7. rmwarnick Says:

    Wow, Congress is avoiding a government shutdown AND making sure the food we eat won’t kill us. Will the insanity never cease?

  8. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Ohh come on rmwarnick, A bit of lead in baby formula never hurt anybody.

  9. Matt Says:

    Actually, I don’t think this issue speaks either for or against term limits. The idea of term limits is that by regularly throwing the bums out we will have good government. The absence of term limits isn’t doing much either. It is about the machine of government.

    I think this is far, far less about avoiding a shut down of government and more about Rham Emanuels crisis. They have to pass a budget, don’t want to answer for the crud they stick in the bill, so declare martial law and pass the crap that can’t wait until January. And most of this can wait until January, unless you realize the American people don’t trust their judgement, then ram it through now.

    So baby formula was killing us before? If that is the argument in favor of this new law it is a weak one, unless baby formula was killing us. If it wasn’t, no need for this dictatorial power. If lead was discovered in baby formula the discovery of, and resulting correction is likely evidence that the existing laws work.

    “Government, the cause of and solution to all the worlds problems.”
    Homer Simpson
    (Actually, he was speaking of alcohol but seems interchangeable.)

  10. Cherilyn Eagar Says:

    Yes, a lame duck session IS similar to what happens in states that have term limits. They aren’t accountable to anyone when they serve their last term. We hold our breath that Bennett will do the right thing, but we have no leverage over his votes.

    Furthermore, in those states, they play musical chairs serving out their term limit in one office and then move to the other.

    When I first started getting involved in public policy, I too thought term limits were the solution. They aren’t. Glenn Beck showed the “tree of liberty” on his show. We can continue to focus on term limits out on one of those limbs and the tree will break, or we can focus on the root of the problem, which is government doing too much and taking on more than the Constitution expected or enumerated. Follow he money. Washington is overwhelmed with lobbyists because they are either there to protect free enterprise from government intrusion or they are there to eliminate their competition.

    Let go of term limits and focus on why DC is full of special interests. A changing of the guard is not going to get rid of lobbyists. Electing people who understand the limited role of the federal government and holding them accountable is the solution.

  11. reffaree Says:

    Warnick – go eff yourself. you and your progressive cancerous scum must be stopped or you will no longer have a country not to mention the ability to post your IDIOTIC posts here and on ANY other place of FREE SPEECH. Got it? You sicken me and others who love LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. MOVE TO CANADA OR MEXICO ALREADY WILL YOU?

  12. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Tainted baby formula sickens 1,200 baby’s

    “So baby formula was killing us before?”

    Yes see link above.

    And this is hardly a one off case, Contaminated food has gotten to be a huge problem, mostly from big agro business and foreign imports.

    Utah’s department of environmental quality brought lead detection guns to several public places for people to bring their plates and china from China to test for lead due to their being no checking done before the plates and china where sold. The US consumer ended up eating the entire loss on that, well and the tax payer that payed for the isotope charge in those lead detection guns and the man hours to send the people out todo that.

    Stopping these things before they happen will save both the tax payer and the consumer money in the long run.

  13. Matt Says:

    Read the rest of my post. The fact that it was caught demonstrates our current environment is working. Where does this end? We continually wratched up government and there will always be mistakes. More government? It never ends.

    Also, quiet the slip. You are using problems from China as a reason to crack down on farmers in America. It won’t solve the claimed problem though brings us closer to the Soviet State dreamed of by the Left. Control banking, health care, national education standards, control of internet, auto industry and now food supply. Pravda was right that America was slipping into a marxist without hardly a whimper.

    I’ve voted for Democrats before NEVER again. Uncle Karl would blush at your success.

  14. reffaree Says:

    Amen Cherilyn: I am sorry you did not get a fair shot to hold office. I pray that someday you have the chance to represent the good people of Utah before I give up on this state and move to TEXAS. Id rather move to a place where I can identify my enemy than fight a fight of white progressives like WARNICK that are fighting against the good people of this country to make the Brown nation for the sake of their votes. If term limits help this out and savews me money form making my saving account in the form of lead, I’ll so support you. God only hopes there is the time to make you a rep for UTAH before it is too late.

  15. Matt Says:

    PS Did it kill them or sicken them? It should be noted that while America is not perfect in many, many categories we lead the world. When it comes to the state of our food system it is top notch. Yes, people get sick every year but we do not need to create a Soviet state for this. That is just an excuse from the 60’s holdovers.

  16. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “The fact that it was caught demonstrates our current environment is working.”

    Never mind the 1200 babies in the mean while. About a third of the cases where hospitalized(hope they had insurance), Luckily no deaths from this one.

    Tainted American spinach

    First link on google, their are plenty more. Their are plenty of problems in the US food supply, the food deal isn’t perfect but it a good step. Really it will be the fix it legislation passed over the next few years to tone down certain parts and strengthen other parts that will make the end point of the legislation work well.

    And certain parts of it related to overlap in regulators. Namely that the FDA and USDA double upping on some farmers. This bill fixes that from clearly defining who regulates what, Egg farms where escaping regulation requiring them to vaccinate their stock because of the conflict of regulators. This problem has lead to thousands salmonella infections that where entirely unnecessary, and very expensive.

    This bill is as much about fixing the regulator overlap mess, as it is about food safety. It will in the long run save both the government and the tax payer money.

  17. Pops Says:

    If there are specific problems, why don’t we address those problems specifically? To give a government agency broad, sweeping powers to fix any problem that might arise anywhere is asking for trouble – and it isn’t going to be cheap. We can’t afford that approach.

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