Mom sues McDonald’s for enticing her children


Monet Parham, 41-year old mother of two and health educator, is joining a lawsuit against McDonald’s, saying she is fed up with the pestering.  She alleges McDonald’s is undermining her parenting by advertising Happy Meals and that she just HAS to go buy them for her daughter because McDonald’s “got into her children’s heads without [her] permission.” 

According to NPR, Parham spoke at a press conference today. “Happy meals are among the those things frequently requested, and the first thing they ask me to do is open the toy,” she said. “I’m really concerned about the health of my children, and I don’t think its OK to entice children to get Happy Meals with a toy.”

It seems Ms. Parham believes the government’s role is to be the parent and that she is not responsible for her own parenting choices.


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7 Responses to “Mom sues McDonald’s for enticing her children”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    OMG. How absurd. No wonder children have no sense of personal responsibility. Our kids get Happy Meals, at a guess, 3 times a year. It’s easy, say: “No!”

  2. JBT Says:

    Does anyone here see the similarity between this and the lawsuits to prevent the use of the cartoon “Joe Camel” and the candy flavored chewing tobacco?

    Both are directed at stopping the advertising of unhealthy products directed at children. The group is asking McDonalds to stop enticing children with the attractive toys that they have to purchase a happy meal to obtain.

  3. Moms sueing McDonalds | Man: Version 2.0 Says:

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  4. Brodie Brown Says:

    I agree completely. Stop trying to lay parenting responsibilities on someone else, and especially stop turning to the government to be a parent for you. If your children ask for McDonalds, say no. Done. And definitely stop trying to get the government to take over the parenting responsibilities.

  5. Mary Says:


  6. Pops Says:

    …the attractive toys…

    Pretty funny stuff there.

  7. cgb Says:

    Definitely ridiculous.

    The sad thing is, and personal parenting responsibility aside, she has a point. McDonald’s probably shouldn’t try to entice children to eat crap by bundling it with toys. Now if she would just attempt to make her point some way aside from filing a frivolous lawsuit. But where’s the personal financial incentive for that? Hmm . . . .

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