Pulled pork


This weekend, Senate President Harry Reid pulled the omnibus bill after GOP support collapsed.

Under fire from “Tea Party” activists, GOP Senators decided that voting for an earmark-laden bill wasn’t such a good idea after all. According to The Hill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) emphasized that Republicans helped put the bill together.

“Though some of my Republican colleagues in recent days have publicly distanced themselves from the idea that [their] members have a role to play in the appropriations process, nearly all of them did nothing privately to withdraw their priorities from this bill,” Reid said on the floor Thursday evening.

Republican leaders and rank-and-file members had come under fire for hundreds of earmarks they inserted in the 1,924-page spending bill.

Cochran had 281 earmarks worth $561 million, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) had 48 earmarks worth $113 million and Senate Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander had 47 earmarks worth $75 million.

As noted before, Utah’s senior Senator did ask for his name to be taken off the hundreds of earmarks he requested, adding up to over a billion dollars. However, outgoing Senator Bennett kept his name on all of those earmarks and more besides.

Now, the 112th Congress will start over in January, presumably with an earmark-free budget.

(h/t to ExJon on Twitter for the utterly delicious and irresistable headline)


2 Responses to “Pulled pork”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    I like pulled pork…especially when it’s real, not just anonymous.

    I’ve got a few recommendations of what ought to be pulled from the budget, too, in addition to the pork. Check it at http://wp.me/pJXZa-B5 .

  2. rmwarnick Says:

    This sets up a threat of a government shutdown at the end of March, about the same time the debt limit has to be increased. Unless the Republicans decide to act responsibly (hey, it could happen).

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