Goodbye, Sausagegrinder. Hello Chief Deputy of the House


Yesterday, the Twitterverse reported that Joe Pyrah, aka Sausagegrinder, reporter for the Daily Herald and blogmeister extraordinaire is leaving the world of journalism and joining the world of small-Constitutionally-appropriate state government.

Speaker-elect Becky Lockhart announced via press release that she had hired Pyrah because “Mr. Pyrah is smart, knowledgeable, and fair. He understands my priorities and the House of Representatives’ directive to be the voice of the people.” She went on to say that she was impressed with his understanding of the mechanics of openness, his ethical approach, and his enthusiasm for political work in a democratic republic.

Pyrah will bring skills in social media that have been sorely lacking on the House side. Case in point: the Twitterverse and subsequently the world of Facebook, knew the news hours before the press release came. The biggest drawback is the state loses “Sausagegrinder”, the snarky, saucy political pundit. Joe Pyrah is a welcome addition to the House. Sausagegrinder will be sorely missed.


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