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I’ve been thinking of adding a daily feature of the blogs and various news articles that have caught my eye but for which I do not have the time or inclination to do an entire blog post. I’ve hesitated because we already have “Political Cornflakes” from the Trib, the updates from Utah Policy Daily (although locked behind a subscription-only firewall) and Sausagegrinder. With the demise of the Sausagegrinder blog, I decided to take the plunge. With no further ado, here is the first of the Daily Fix – just what a political junkie needs.

*First, the breaking new: Governor Gary Herbert has named Derek Miller as his new Chief of Staff. Excellent choice. Glad to know the Governor reads my blog. 😉 He has also named Rep. Ron Bigelow as his new Budget Director.

*As expected for the last decade, Utah has gotten a 4th Congressional seat. Robert Gehrke points out in the Salt Lake Tribune that there are already 3 strong potential candidates for that 4th seat: current Speaker of the House, Dave Clark, Morgan Philpot and Carl Wimmer. Giggles were heard throughout the politi-sphere as Carl Wimmer – who has been laying groundwork for a campaign for well over a year – told the reporter he had not been thinking about it until fairly recently, saying: “many, many, many leaders throughout the state…put pressure on me to consider it.” The surprise campaign that’s not. People would pay good money to see a Philpot-Wimmer match-up but that seems unlikely. One of them will bow out in this game of political “chicken”. Other names being tossed around include Merrill Cook and Steve Urquhart, plus you can count on a number of people not yet on the radar.

*Speaking of the census, the US population grew by about 9.7%. As seats are shifted around, the West becomes a real power player. Of the 12 House seats that will shift in next year’s redistricting process, 11 will be taken from the Northeast and Midwest. Texas gains 4 seats, Florida gets 2, while Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah & Washington will each gain one seat.Ohio and New York will each lose 2 seats while Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will each lose 1 seat. If Utah continues to attract new businesses and the workforce to staff them, and we all do our part to multiply and replenish the earth, Utah could have a 5th seat in 2020.

*The FCC approves new rules governing “Net Neutrality” and subsequently sets the stage for a vigorous battle to repeal that authority.

*The Senate voted for cloture on the START treaty. Final passage is expected later today.

*And finally, remember S510, the Food Safety Act? It was rolled into another bill on Sunday night and passed the Senate by unanimous consent in a “Sunday surprise.” It will be on the President’s desk today.


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3 Responses to “Welcome to your Daily Fix”

  1. Krista Black Says:

    Love this – keep it up. What a great snapshot !

  2. bbart76 Says:

    I would think that we would have to wait until after the state is sliced into four pieces before we can see who will run. Of course, you don’t have to actually live in the district your representing so I guess it doesn’t matter how it’s sliced. I’m sure as well that those who want to run will make sure to add some interesting lines in the slicking. And there is a pretty good chance that Chaffetz will run against Hatch, which would open up yet another House seat. Should be fun times.

  3. Fred C. Cox Says:

    I was sad to find out Rep. Bigelow was stepping down, as I voted for him and have tried to help him get elected, including when he first ran. Gov. Herbert is getting the best person he could for the job as budget director. Congratulations Ron Bigelow !

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