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In today’s Fix: a re-cap of the lame-duck session, a Utah legislator makes ATR’s “nice” list, Scott Matheson is confirmed to the 10th Circuit Court, the 4 people have tossed their hat in the ring (so far) to replace Ron Bigelow, the top 20 things that became obsolete during the last decade and awkward family Christmas photos.

*The lame-duck session has seen its final vote cast and Congress is headed home – at last! To recap the lame-duck legislation: START was ratified, the pork-laden omnibus was shot down, the Food Safety Act sailed through unanimously after some hiccups on the way, the-healthcare-for 9/11-first responders passed and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed (see – laws CAN be repealed. Looking forward to lots more of that.) On we go with the lame-duck session: The DREAM Act died, the current tax rates were extended two more years and the FCC approves Net Neutrality rules.  I haven’t seen a final price tag on what this lame-duck session cost the US taxpayers, but I guarantee it’s high.

*Utah Senator Dan Liljenquist made the Grover Norquist’s “Americans for Tax Reform” (ATR) “Nice” list on their much-anticipated annual Christmas card.  Senator Liljenquist was chosen for his work on pension reform and joins such luminaries as New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, “who stared down government union bosses, Gene Simmons who wishes he could take his Obama vote back, Snooki who called out the President on his tanning tax and to, well –  Charlie Rangel.  Charlie made the list “for lowering at least one American’s tax burden!”

*Scott Matheson, brother to Congressman Jim Matheson was confirmed to the 10th Circuit Court today, following up on an Obama promise made earlier this year.

*The 4 people who are currently vying to replace Ron Bigelow in legislative district 32 are James Leigh, Fred Cox, Sharon Naegle and Sherri Winder.  With 30-something delegates, the new Representative is going to be elected by a small handful of people.

*Huffington Post has a fun photo-essay on their picks for the top 20 items to have become obsolete in the last decade.  Their choices include VHS tapes (gone the way of the 8-track), snail mail letters and catalogs, classified ads in “hard copy” newspapers, bookstores and travel agents.

*Finally, to quote Sausagegrinder: “If none of that interests you,” just be glad YOUR family Christmas picture didn’t end up on this list of the “Most Awkward Family Holiday Photos!”


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11 Responses to “Daily Fix, Dec 23”

  1. JBT Says:

    What about the benefits that the lame duck session provided to U.S. citizens Holly. You only see one side of the equation.

    It is unconscionable that your party of choice blocked the Dream Act from passing in the final days of the session. Can you say “Grinch”? Denying a path to citizenship for deserving young people who have served this country is biased and mean spirited.

    Now the neckless wonder (Wimmer) is using that as an excuse to deny instate tuition to undocumented students who have succeeded in school despite having to overcome a language barrier, and who were brought to this country through no fault of their own when they were young.

    His analogy that it is not fair to give these students instate tuition and not those coming from Evanston, Wyoming is sheer nonsense. Any out of state college student who moves to Utah to attend college who meets the requirements can apply for and be granted state residency. I know because I was one of those students.

    Bigotry and prejudice dressed up as patriotic principals is still bigotry and prejudice in my book.

  2. Cliff Says:

    “I haven’t seen a final price tag on what this lame-duck session cost the US taxpayers, but I guarantee it’s high.” Hmmmm. I’ll wait and see how you expand on this point.

    Meanwhile, we are all trying to figure out why these things all passed in rapid succession after Republicans had filibustered every single bill and wasted months and months, years in some cases, all at taxpayer expense, grandstanding and flip flopping.

  3. John Says:

    Yeah, I must admit it seems weird Congress got more done in lame-duck mode than they did the previous year.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Has to do with the republican moderates, and to some extent pissed primary losers giving their final tootalue. A number of the things that passed where priorities to republican moderates (START, Food safety bill), some of the items relate to giant political fears of the republican leadership(START, 911 health bill, unemployment/tax bill).

    The republican leadership is in a real pickle with regards to what is happening on a few of their big priorities, I am actually surprised they didn’t let the DREAM act through their are more then enough republicans that can read the demographic numbers on the latino voting block and should be seeing this group as a huge problem in their future elections.

    Then their is also the all 50 State AG’s lawsuit/investigation against mortgage processors and banks just in time for the Tea party caucus to be trying to defund the new agency regulations related to this very matter. This will write its own ad’s in 2012.

    The republican leadership is also looking at what they did and didn’t win in the election, They didn’t win seats in places where unemployment wasn’t very high(Matheeson kept his seat for example), they have blisters from the paddling they got in California and Colorado, they lost major ballot initiatives in Florida where they passed fair boundaries rules, Colorado beat definition of person by 80%, and California where they dumped the 2/3 vote requirement on budgets(this one is big).

    Their is going to be a large split between the moderates grouped with those who gained seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York on the basis of creating jobs and the Tea party economic death pact caucus on gained seats on the basis of ideological purity. At this point I am expecting that Reagan’s 11th commandment to be replaced by a giant circular firing squad.

    Either way the stars are coming into a very interesting alignment.

  5. rmwarnick Says:

    For wilderness advocates, there was big breaking news today. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar finally issued the order to put wilderness suitability back into the Bureau of Land Management’s planning process.

    This effectively reverses the controversial out-of-court settlement between then-Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton and the state of Utah and other parties (Norton-Leavitt Settlement) on wilderness in 2003.

  6. hollyonthehill Says:

    RM, check out the post I was writing as you posted….

  7. Fred C. Cox Says:

    For more information about Fred C. Cox, Candidate for Utah House of Representatives District 32


  8. reffaree Says:

    JBT: Other side of the equation? This is not your Obama IDIOT math of 2+2=5. It is Black and White. Right and Wrong. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL. A is A. You are Wrong on all counts and your writing shows your Liberal Hatred and shortsighted stupidity. How are Law breaking individuals or the offspring of law breakers “DESERVING” of anything besides a one way ticket back to the mud huts they came from? You calling a rep “neckless” shows your ugly soul that should be sent back to the depths of H ell from which it emerged. MERRY CHRISTMAS Douchebag.

  9. reffaree Says:

    BTW JBT: Why dont you move to Kalifornia where Illegal immigration has nearly BANKRUPTED THE STATE? You can be around a whole bunch of other WRONG Thinking Idiots and misinformed morons like yourself and let us LIBERTY LOVING AMERICANS to live in this great state before you tools impose your PC idiocy to Ruin another great state? HUH?

  10. JBT Says:

    Thank you reffaree for providing such a poignant example of the last sentence in my post.

  11. Pops Says:

    Bigotry and prejudice? That’s a bit of a stretch, unless you’re talking about prejudice against economic insanity.

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