Daily Fix, Jan 5


Swearing-in day for the 112th Congress. Not to be confused with “swearing-at” day no doubt soon to follow. Also spotted in DC were Utah Senator Curt Bramble and former Governor Olene Walker.

*Senator Dan Coats of Indiana has fired Mary Jane Collipriest as his chief of staff. She had previously been the chief of staff for Utah’s Bob Bennett. Coats cited irreconcilable differences – or the more politically correct “we’ve made a mutual decision to part ways.” Indy Star

*Chris Vanocur has been doing some thinking about the political lay of the land. ABC4

*Utah’s Mike Lee is one of 10 incoming tea-party freshman interviewed by Diane Sawyer. ABC

*House Republicans challenge Obama to join them in cutting spending – including getting rid of earmarks. Congressman Jason Chaffetz figures prominently in promoting a leaner federal government. Deseret News

*And if none of that interests you, you can download Angry Birds to play on your PC. Gadget News



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  1. Mark Steele Says:

    PSP, not PC, unfortunately.

    Nice, channeling a little Sausage Grinder, now that it is gone! 😉

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