Daily Fix, Jan 6


If I post before midnight in Utah, does it count for that day? I hope so.

*Topping the news in the middle of the night, Fred Cox has won Ron Bigelow’s seat in legislative district 32. A political activist and long-time presence on the Hill, Fred will have a chance to see what life is like on the other side of those House doors. SL Trib

*Matheson=Shuler in yesterday’s leadership elections, but that’s not stopping him from supporting Pelosi’s flagship legislation – Obamacare. He voted against it at the 11th hour but now refuses to repeal it in an apparent hope that Utahns have a VERY short memory. SL Trib



4 Responses to “Daily Fix, Jan 6”

  1. Jerome Borden Says:

    If Matheson is smart (and I think he is), he will be consistent and support repeal of medical Obamanation. Low income urban voters are those most likely to support Democrat candidates and these are the people who are in the cross-hairs of the insurance mandate. If a person is happy with an HSA coupled with a high deductible “disaster” health insurance policy, he or she will be hurt the most when the HSA limits kick in and the health policy is declared to be “non-conforming” and the required replacement policy costs an arm and a leg. This is when the voting records will become high interest items.

  2. utahenergyideas Says:

    Thanks Holly!

  3. John Says:

    My hunch is Matheson was emboldened by his margin of victory over Philpot, combined with the likelihood adding a 4th district will redraw his borders into a higher percentage of liberal voters.

  4. JBT Says:

    A recent survey found that when people were asked their opinion of the Democratic health care reform legislation, a majority answered unfavorably. However, when asked about the benefits provided by each major component of the legislation individually, those respondents were overwhelmingly in favor of those components. Hmmm . . . What does this tell you about A) the intelligence of the American people, and B) how effectively the Republicans lied to the American people about health care reform.

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