Lee’s staff solidifying


Senator Mike Lee’s senior staff is solidifying now that the swearing-in has taken place.

Lobbyist Spencer Stokes is still his chief of staff.

Dan Hauser, deputy campaign manager, is no longer slated to become the state director but instead will move to DC to become the Policy Director. The state director position has not been filled.

Allyson Bell, longtime political fundraiser, is joining the DC office as administrative supervisor and interim communications director. Previously-named communications director, Boyd Matheson, has taken another job.

Heather Williamson, deputy campaign field manager, is now the state office manager. Bill Lee, campaign field manager, is a senior policy advisor, slated to work from Utah.

Long-time Bennett staffer Jessica Christopher is joining the team as senior casework supervisor. Jessica Palfreyman will also be doing casework for Senator Lee.

Interviews will continue this week. Resumes outnumber positions about 10 to 1.



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  1. Bill Johnson Says:

    Mike needs me to help him in Eastern Utah and Energy Policy.

  2. Rod Bischoff Says:

    You have inspired me to start my own blog! utahconservatives.blogspot.com

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