Daily Fix, Jan 10


Topping the news from the weekend is the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona.  Unfortunately, it was immediately politicized, with blame being placed on partisan ideology.  The blame more correctly belongs with the shooter and his long-term mental illness.

*Giffords’ Dr says she is making good progress, is not in a medically-induced coma and could be off the ventilator in a few days.  The Hill

*The answer to the shooter’s motive lies in psychology, not sociology or political science, says Dick Armey. The Hill

*Utah’s own Jason Chaffetz will continue to carry a weapon at his public events in Utah.  He has also asked for a security assessment of his district offices and may ask for additional local law enforcement  at town hall meetings.  Politico

*Young intern Daniel Hernandez, on the job for only 5 days, is credited with saving Congresswoman Giffords’ life by applying pressure to the bullet wound and keeping her head elevated.  Arizona Republic

*Giffords’ staffer, Gabe Zimmerman, is among the dead.  The young 30-year old was the director of community outreach and was engaged to be married.  He is remembered as friendly, dedicated and good-humored.  Politico


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  1. Jerome Borden Says:

    Possibly the most inane idea came from Rep. King (“Republican” of New York) when he proposed a 1000 foot clear zone between people with guns and any member of the DC Legislation. Just think of what this would do to the Utah, Nevada, Arizona, etc. delegations. If the body had 80 members arranged in a square, the distance across that body would be 9000 feet! You can blame Rep. Curt Oda for this because of all the CCWs he helped them to get.

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