Oops! Rep Frank doesn’t live in his district


Due to some errors between the county maps and the state maps, Representative Craig Frank does not, in fact, live in his district and has not for two elections.  The county maps made it look like his Cedar Hill home was in Legislative District 57, but in fact he was actually in 27.  The error was discovered by Rep Frank himself over the weekend.

Effective immediately, there is no Representative for District 57.  A mid-term vacancy election will be held on January 22nd to fill the spot.  It is possible that a special session will be called before that point to move the boundaries of the district to include Representative Frank’s Cedar Hills home.  If that happens, Rep Frank will run and is expected to win.  If not, it will be an open seat.  If that is the case, the legislative district chair is expected to run – and that is none other than yours truly.



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15 Responses to “Oops! Rep Frank doesn’t live in his district”

  1. Becky Says:

    Wait, it’s not April 1 already, is it?

  2. John Morris Says:

    The thing that really impresses me is that he found it himself and turned it in himself. I hope that they put things right and correct the State maps to the county maps.

  3. Eric Richardson Says:

    They have 1/2 of Cedar Hills in the wrong district!

  4. David Linford Says:

    Did he register to vote at his new address? Was he able to vote for himself on his own ballot? If he was, after he had registered, than someone in the Clerk’s office messed up. If he wasn’t on his own ballot, shouldn’t he have noticed that.

  5. Eric Richardson Says:

    He was on his own ballot. The county, which maintains the precints, has all of Cedar Hills in District 57. But the state map is different.

    BTW, looking at the maps, it looks like the state map is wrong and outdated in other places too.

  6. David Linford Says:

    So the election in the neighboring district is invalid as well because this portion of Cedar Hills was not allowed to vote in its proper precinct.

  7. Steve Urquhart Says:

    Go Holly!

  8. Daniel B. Says:

    Geez. Rock and a hard place for Rep. Franks, eh? Either way, it sounds like the district is going to have lots of good potential for representatives…

  9. JBT Says:

    Sounds as if a resounding “Neener, neener” is in order here. No doubt his close friend Lockhart and the Republican leadership will pull something out of their nether regions to allow him to continue to serve in the up coming session.

  10. John Says:

    Fingers crossed for you.

  11. Rob Crawford Says:

    How can anyone else sign up to run for the special election?

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  14. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    I think being ousted like that is horrible and I feel bad for Rep Frank. If it came down to it though, Holly you would be amazing as a Representative.

  15. Elaine Says:

    If this ballot was certified by the Lt Governor (which it was, along with the last five) doesn’t that trump the state map? Either on map is wrong or the last five Lt Governors/ Governors have signed off on illegal ballots, since 2001…which is more likely?

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