Daily Fix, Jan 11


Topping Utah political news is the bombshell that Craig Frank is no longer the representative for legislative district 57 because a county clerk screwed up 10 years ago. The Arizona shooting continues to top national news.

Representative Craig Frank has been living in Cedar Hills since Jan 2009. County maps show his neighborhood to be in LD 57, but in fact, as he discovered this weekend, his neighborhood is actually in John Dougall’s district, LD 27. His ballots, and those of his neighbors, showed his name as the Republican up for election in the Utah House. They also showed Jason Chaffetz for Congress when they should have shown Morgan Philpot. (There are not enough votes represented by the mix-up to have changed the outcome of the election in that race, in case you were wondering.) Rep Frank had the integrity to bring the information forward on his own. According to state law, if a legislator moves outside their district, then that seat is immediately declared vacant. Such is the case with the seat in LD 57. There is a legislative fix, however. If the governor calls a special session and 2/3 of both the House and the Senate vote to move the boundaries, he would be an eligible candidate to run in the special election to be held January 22. Daily Herald KSL SL Tribune

*In DC, the Senate sergeant-at-arms said carrying weapons is a bad idea for lawmakers. This comes one day after Congressman Jason Chaffetz says he plans to carry while at events in his home district. The Hill

*The shooter in Saturday’s rampage is being held without bail. He also has a high-powered attorney. The Hill



5 Responses to “Daily Fix, Jan 11”

  1. DeAnn Says:

    Thank you for my daily ‘fix!’

  2. Rob Crawford Says:

    Rob Crawford here, state and county delegate. So what happens if there is no special session called? Do we have another primary?

  3. What happens now... Says:

    When a seat is vacated, such as when Ron Bigelow resigned his seat to serve on the Governors staff http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/51001951-76/cox-bigelow-delegates-district.html.csp , a special election is held by the party of the person who left the seat.

    The Republican party will hold a special election currently expected to take place January 22, 2011 at a still-be-determined location. The county delegates in LD 57 elected at Caucus meetings in 2010 will vote for the person to fill this now empty seat.

    If the legislature changes the boundaries of LD 57 to include the two precincts currently in LD 27 that the Utah County clerk erroneously placed in LD 57 10 years ago, then Craig Frank will be eligible, should he choose, to run for that seat in the special election.

    Whether the boundaries are changed or not, an election will occur prior to the state legislature convening on January 24, 2011.

    Any registered Republican who has lived in the district for at least six months can throw their hat in the ring.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I feel sorry for Rep. Frank but think a ‘special session’ to amend the boundaries is wrong. It wouldn’t be done to the benefit of a democrat and it shouldn’t be done just because the guy is Republican (this coming from a Republican). Rep. Frank is certainly a ‘victim’ in this but skirting ethics to fix it ‘victimizes’ everyone else.

  5. Mary Says:

    I’ve had my laughs about this situation, but truth is the Utah County Clerk has a lot to answer for. Rep. Frank and the good citizens of the “misplaced” precincts should consider a lawsuit against the clerk.

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