Daily Fix, Jan 12


Safety and security still top the national news and spill over into Utah news. Craig Frank losing his seat to a clerical error continues to top Utah’s political news but Medicaid reform and the upcoming legislative session makes the news as well.

*The Utah Department of Public Safety said it will increase security for the 2011 session that begins in less than two weeks. More troopers will be present in the Capitol – and my guess is more legislators than ever will be packing heat. (h/t Ben Winslow) Fox 13

*One Democrat decided the Arizona shootings by a mentally ill man with a fascination for Mein Kampf were the perfect opportunity to do a little fundraising. Most politicians canceled their fundraising for the week. The Hill

*Republican Doug Lamborn, a Rep from Colorado, has re-introduced two bills that would cut off federal funding for NPR. Saying he enjoys much of NPR’s programming, he also points to a broad array of 500+ channels on cable TV and Internet via phone as proof that NPR is “completely unnecessary.” The Hill

*Medicaid advocates met with the Utah Health Policy Project to discuss changes to Medicaid being proposed in the upcoming session. On the table: a preferred drug list for psychiatric meds, emphasis on preventing chronic conditions, whistle-blower protection and Senator Dan Liljenquist’s proposal to curb Medicaid costs by restructuring how providers are paid. Deseret News

*Davis county legislators share insights and legislative plans with the Davis County Chamber. Worker’s comp for home businesses, Medicaid reform, UDOT payouts, teacher compensation and electronic waste recycling. Davis County Clipper

*Meanwhile in Washington County, the annual Dixie Economic Summit takes place this morning at the Dixie Center. The state’s big wigs will be there and to officially open the St George airport. That evening, GOP legislators will meet with the interested parties at 7 pm, Dixie Center, to talk about the upcoming session. St George Spectrum

*Utah House and Senate Republicans did not support a move to call a special session to address the error that led to former Representative Craig Frank unknowingly living outside his district. The governor can still call a special session to address this problem. Right now, an online push spear-headed by Craig Frank and Joel Wright, likely candidate for Frank’s former seat, is aimed at getting as many people as possible to call the governor. If you would like to weigh in on this issue, call 801-538-1000. Daily Herald ABC 4 SL Tribune


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5 Responses to “Daily Fix, Jan 12”

  1. JBT Says:

    Do conservatives only adhere to the Utah Constitution when it is convenient to do so? A special session to quickly redistrict to allow Craig Frank to serve this term is unconscionable.

  2. Jesse Harris Says:

    Just a point of order: Bernie Sanders is an Independent and has been for a number of years.

  3. Joel Wright Says:

    Over 3,000 people are being represented in Cedar Hills by Rep. Matheson, State Senator Stephenson, and State Representative Dougall even though they never had a chance to vote for or against them. Is that fair?

    If you want to learn more about our efforts to right this wrong. Please go to:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-vote-counts-in-Legislative-District-57-Return-Craig-Frank-to-office/126127287454767


  4. hollyonthehill Says:

    Jesse, I’m not sure I’m following you. Joel, that is why I have linked to the phone number of the governor’s office so people could call and weigh-in on his decision.

  5. Barrett Boyer Says:

    While Rep. Frank should be commended for his honesty in coming forward a special session to redraw legislative boundaries is not the proper course of action. Being a Democrat I don’t closely follow the inner politics of the GOP, but I hope they do what needs to be done to replace Rep. Frank as soon possible.

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