“I have a dream”


Spend some time today and watch the entire speech. It will be worth your time!



4 Responses to ““I have a dream””

  1. rmwarnick Says:

    With his deep commitment to freedom and the promise of the U.S. Constitution, what would Dr. King say about the repeal of habeas corpus, indefinite detention without charges, torture and the due-process-free targeting of Americans for assassination by their own government?

  2. JBT Says:

    Nice pic Holly. Your smile looks much better than your smirk. Kudos to this blog. You got one right (or do I mean left?) 🙂

  3. hollyonthehill Says:

    Thanks, JBT. And it never was a smirk – it was a squint. 🙂

  4. Pops Says:

    I wonder what he would think of the professional racialists who took over his movement.

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