Daily Fix, Jan 19


Utah gets props from the Wall Street Journal and an F from NARAL. Legislative audits highlight problems with state-run parks and DCFS and one more US Senator is expected to announce his resignation.

*Senator Dan Liljenquist led the fight on pension reform and now Utah’s reforms are becoming the model legislation for states around the nation. WSJ

*State lawmakers continue to travel around the country – but they’re doing it on their own dime. From higher ed to pension reform to work with ALEC and NCSL, a number of state Senators are continuing work that benefits the state and aren’t charging the taxpayer. Kudos to them. Paul Rolly

*Utah gets an F – and it’s a good thing. NARAL Pro-Choice America released its annual report on Friday. Utah gets a big fat F, which means it ranks at the top of pro-life states. Good for us. CNS News

*Ouch. A legislative audit released yesterday shows that only 9 of 43 parks and only one of four golf courses bring in enough money to be self-sustaining. The audit recommends that four parks and one golf course be closed: Green River Golf Course, the Edge of the Cedars, the Territorial Statehouse, Frontier Homestead and Utah Field House Museum. Deseret News

*Another audit found that the David C vs Leavitt lawsuit of 1993 has made “DCFS (the Division of Child and Family Services) and court staff risk averse and led them to protect children in foster care more than in-home.” Foster care placements have increased 38% in the last decade while in home support of children and families at risk has decreased. Deseret News

*Senator Wayne Niederhauser pitches his bill on grading schools to Utah’s Education Excellence Commission. Niederhauser spoke previously to the State Board of Education that said it’s not a good time to implement such a system because they are in the middle of a curriculum overhaul. They also expressed concern that it was an oversimplification. KSL

*Another embattled US Senator is expected to announce his retirement today. Joe Lieberman, the Independent from Connecticut who caucuses with the Democrats, is holding a press conference at his home this afternoon. He will join Senator Conrad from ND and Senator Hutchison from Texas who announced their resignations during the last week. In the 2012 cycle, Dems will have to defend 23 seats while the GOP only has 10 up for re-election. The GOP only needs to net 3 seats to regain the majority. The Hill

*And if none of that interests you, well, here’s a little echo chamber piece on people who get up early to scan the news and compile the best stories into summaries to show to other people. Hmm. Who knew. New York Times


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  1. Mark S Says:

    Yet more evidence that the State Board is there to protect the status quo.

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