Daily Fix, Jan 20


*Obamacare was repealed in the House. The winning vote of 245 to 189 included all Republicans and 3 Democrats. Utah’s Jim Matheson – who voted against the original bill – also voted against the repeal. It is expected to languish in the Senate. Politico

*Speaking of Jim Matheson, he will propose an amendment today that would tie replacement pieces to the reform law to include a permanent fix to the Medicare payment physician formula. He was the only Democrat allowed to propose an amendment. The Hill

*And one more bit of news about Matheson – he has signed on as the only Democrat to co-sponsor the House version of the Balanced Budget Amendment. On the Senate side, Orrin Hatch is pushing for a BBA – again. The Hill

*Comedian Bill Cosby joins Speaker John Boehner in promoting school choice. The (infamous) No Child Left Behind Act is expected to be revisited by the 112th Congress. Saying there needs to be a “revolution” to turn around the status quo for poor and black children, Cosby urged colleges and universities, work with teachers and bring kids onto campus. Washington Times

*Rep Ron Paul is considering a run for the Texas Senate seat left open by Senator Hutchison’s retirement. The Hill

*Utah is suing for public lands access. John Harja, Governor Herbert’s public lands policy director, said the lawsuit will involve 35 road segments in approximately 14 corridors statewide. Trib


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3 Responses to “Daily Fix, Jan 20”

  1. Krista Black Says:

    On School “Revolution” that term was notably heard in this amazing TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson:

    And his original talk: “Schools Kill Creativity”

    Both are a must-see for educators and anyone who cares about education. He’s funny and incredibly informative.

  2. rmwarnick Says:

    John Harja ought to read the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA) before suing the federal government. The law provides a simple administrative process for obtaining rights of way across federal land without having to go to court.

  3. JJL9 Says:

    Fortunately for us we have a Constitution. Laws past subsequent to it or subject to it.

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