Daily Fix, Jan 21


Quick fix today

*Senator Dan Liljenquist points out that the bill is coming due to states across the nation. Out of money, out of creative financing ideas, states are finally knuckling down and addressing the bottom line. Sen Lilenquist

*One potential option to deal with the fiscal crisis faced by states is allowing them to declare bankruptcy and restructure their debt. New York Times

*San Francisco has an anticipated budget deficit of $360 million for the next year. In November, voters soundly defeated a measure to have public employees contribute more towards pensions and benefits. Every major elected official said fears about the pension fund were overblown, yet on Jan 4, an actuarial firm reported an unfunded liability of $1.6 billion – TRIPLE what it was just one year ago. The San Fran Employees’ Retirement System Administrator accordingly doled out surprise December bonuses to the tune of $170 million. NY Times

*Texting and walking are not always a good combination, as the viral YouTube video of a woman falling into a mall fountain shows. Certainly that was embarrassing, but actually, it all went downhill from there for Cathy Cruz Marrero. Thinking she’d grab her 15 minutes of fame, she went on Good Morning America and threatened to sue. She got media attention all right. She has a criminal history, including identity theft. Shortly following her GMA appearance, she was in court on five felony charges. Maybe flying under the radar would have been a better choice. ABC

*Eww! What’s that smell? Turns out, it was “chicken parts” in the heating ducts. A lobbyist in Colorado got mad at his ex, broke into her house, poured bleach into the piano and put raw chicken in the ducts. He could face 12 years in prison. MSNBC


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2 Responses to “Daily Fix, Jan 21”

  1. Rod Arquette Says:

    Liking the new lock of “The Fix”. Thanks for coming on yesterday.

  2. Larry Jensen Says:

    States and municipalities going broke? Public employee Unions say “no way Jose.” One of the links posted quotes Unions saying it’s all overblown. They say “States have adequate tools and means to meet their obligations.” I assume the tools and means they are referring to is the ability of the taxpayer to bail them out.

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