Daily Fix, Jan 31


Welcome to the last day of January. One week down for the legislative session, 5 1/2 to go. The big news of the weekend in Utah politics is that the special election to replace former Rep Craig Frank was held and a replacement chosen. Big news on the world scene is the chaos going on in Egypt.

*100 delegates from Legislative District 57 voted for a new representative Saturday night. When the first round of voting had concluded, the political blogger and mom to 24 kids (no, they don’t all still live at home) had 55% of the vote. Her next closest competitor had 27%. The second round of balloting was enough to boost her over the needed 60% margin and Holly Richardson (aka Holly on the Hill, aka me) was named the GOP’s nominee. Must have been a slow news weekend, ’cause the story got a lot of coverage. Thanks, folks. I will now be joining Sausagegrinder at the Capitol. Except he needs to be neutral and I have no expectation of that for myself. KUTV2 KSL ABC4 Fox 13 Deseret News SL Trib

*Meanwhile, over in Egypt, we see just how messy politics can REALLY be. Armed gangs have broken hundreds of militants out of Egyptian jails and the U.S. Embassy warned citizens to consider leaving the country as soon as possible. President Mubarak – mostly unchallenged for 30 years – is now facing – ahem – a “slight” challenge. Lots of stories out there. Here’s one: CNN

*Here’s a heads-up for Congressman Jason Chaffetz: Sleepy’s – “The Mattress Professionals” – is offering free pillows to any Rep sleeping in his (or her) office. Politico

*If things seem quiet out of DC, it’s because Reps are off this week.

*And if none of that interests you, then check out this Lego video of Weird Al Yankovich singing “The Saga Begins”. Most excellent.


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