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Holly Richardson is a conservative political activist who writes an award-winning blog covering Utah and national politics. Known as “Holly on the Hill,” she has been on Utah’s Capitol Hill during the annual legislative session for the last decade.

As a blogger, she has developed relationships with legislators, reporters and many others involved in the political process. She also teaches and consults on social media usage on a regular basis. She is well-known for her straight-forward nature and her genuine interest in people and the process. She has been a weekly guest on the conservative talk show “Red Meat Radio” and regularly joins Rod Arquette and Chris Vanocur to discuss the political landscape.

Trained as a registered nurse and subsequently as a midwife, she got her feet wet in politics when she fought to for an issue that she believed needed to be addressed in Utah law – the legalization of direct-entry midwives. Holly became a “citizen activist,” logging thousands of volunteer hours on that one issue alone. She organized and mobilized hundreds of grassroots supporters, most of whom had never been involved with politics prior to that point. In 2005, the Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife Licensure Act passed the House and Senate and was signed by the Governor. Until her recent election as a State Representative, she served as the Chair of the Licensed Direct-Entry Midwifery Board.

She also has been actively involved with political campaigns. She has experienced just about every role possible on a campaign, from mailing postcards, to communications, to scheduler and recently, as candidate. She has worked on both large and small races and remains committed to doing what she can to get the best candidate elected.

Holly has served within the Republican Party as both a county and state delegate, as a volunteer social media coordinator for the Utah state GOP, a precinct vice-chair, a precinct chair and as a legislative district chair for District 57.

She and her husband, Greg, have been married for almost 25 years and live in Pleasant Grove, UT with their large family. Driven by reports of tens of thousands of children abandoned in orphanages in Romania, they began their adoption journey in 1991. Holly spent months in Romania to adopt two little girls. Over the next 17 years, they adopted 20 children from 8 different countries (including the US). Those 20 joined the 4 children born to Greg and Holly. They saved and prioritized their spending to fund their adoptions and were able to stay out of debt while doing so. They continue to value self-reliance, responsibility, accountability and patriotism and work to share those values with their children. Their multi-cultural family was recently featured on Mormon Times.

As the Representative for District 57, she has pledged openness and transparency in her actions as a legislator as well as an emphasis on outreach and communication with the constituents of her district. She believes that entitlement reform is the fundamental issue of our day. It is way past time for an increase in personal responsibility and accountability and an end to the me, me, me era of entitlements.

In case you were wondering, she also thinks it’s pretty weird to blog about herself in the third person.


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21 Responses to “Meet Holly on the Hill”

  1. Anne Marie Oborn Says:

    My friend also has adopted fronm Romania. Beautiful children and wonderful parents.

  2. Jane Hawley Says:


    Congratulations on your election. You will do a great job representing your district “on the hill”. And as far as writing about yourself, “third-person” — well, no one could have done it better!

    All the best to you,
    Bob & Janie Hawley

  3. rmwarnick Says:

    “Entitlement reform” = Destroying Social Security and Medicare, and plunging middle class Americans into poverty. Let’s call it what it is.

  4. Robert Merrill Says:

    Good luck, Holly!

  5. Rodney B Says:

    @rmwarnick, why is it that liberals touted “health care reform” as one of the great accomplishments of this administration and yet, they attack any type of “reform” that conservatives offer as an attempt to destroy?

    I don’t believe that democrats set out to destroy health care, why would you assume that republicans are out to destroy social security?

    I’ve never understood that double standard.

  6. Rodney B Says:

    Oh yeah, good luck, Holly. I didn’t even know I was IN the 57th district until this came up. Now, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to represent us!

    Rodney & Annie

  7. Gregory Says:


    Medicaid expenditure in Utah have risen from 9% to 18% of the Utah budget in the last 10 years. They are projected to double in next ten (with Obamacare estimates rise to 46%).
    A recent legislative audit reported that between 88% and 98% of Medicaid claims are “upbilled”, billing for more service than was rendered.
    To ignore the issue is to risk insolvency (see California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois – all Democratic strongholds).
    To assault any attempt to prevent bankruptcy as “Destroying Social Security and Medicare, and plunging middle class Americans into poverty” is misguided and irresponsible.

  8. JBT Says:

    Twenty four children! Oh my Hell! (that’s the same as “oh my heck” for all you Mormon types). Now I finally understand why Holly spends all of her time on the hill and away from home. If I had that many kids running around the house I would look for an escape too. With that many deductions, I bet the state PAYS the Richardsons instead of collecting taxes from them.

    In any event congratulations Holly. At least you finally went out and got a real “paying job” and joined the rest of us “working stiffs”. I just hope Craig Frank can keep from moving his lips when the two of you are side by side and you are talking about your political positions.

  9. rmwarnick Says:

    Good thing Social Security cuts and privatization are off the table in the U.S. Senate, assuming we can trust the Senate Majority Leader to keep his word.

    The alternative to rising health care costs is to control them, something the Affordable Care Act did not do. U.S. per capita health care expenditures are twice the average for other developed countries with comparable levels of service.

    We just gave the richest two percent of Americans a big bonus tax cut. Now the Republicans in Congress will try to go after the middle class in the name of “deficit reduction.” Well, they could save $100 billion a year by cutting off funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. Leah Says:

    I just saw your bit on the news and you said that you adopted a child from Zambia. I was wondering how you did that. I lived in Zambia for 6 months and looked into adopting while I was there and the government is very strict about adoption. The law states that you have to live in the country for at least 12 months, 3 of which with the child. It is next to impossible to adopt from that country so I wondered how you did it.

  11. markg91359 Says:

    Perhaps, as a legislator you can explain to me why when this state is undergoing a huge budgetary crisis (like the rest of the country) it finds time to do things pass legislation creating a “state gun”?

    It sure would be nice if our state legislators would stop grandstanding and trying to prove who is more conservative than whom and instead spend their time scrutinizing and fine-tuning the state’s budget.

    Its amazing what one-party-rule has done to this state. Everyone knows that no decision of the slightest consequence gets made at the Utah Legislature outside of the Republican Caucus. Do some of us sound a bit bitter? Yes, I suppose we do. We stand by and watch what decade after decade of one-party-rule has done to Utah. We are tired of seeing the legislature look like an LDS Priesthood or Relief Society Meeting.

    Many of us are laying bets about just how much time the legislature will spend trying to gerrymander Jim Matheson out of his seat in the US House of Representatives. The answer is that probably weeks will be spent trying to eliminate the last democrat from the state’s congressional delegation. Go ahead….Give it your best. My money is on Matheson keeping his seat no matter how you carve up the districts. Personally, I doubt you can create four separate districts in Utah that are solidly Republican. However, I know the legislature will try anyway.

    I need to be fair though. Without the Utah legislature, I would lose a great source of humor and amusement.

  12. Fred Says:

    The State Gun was passed with a few people from both parties voting on different sides. One of the more liberal democrats voted for it and one of the most conservative republicans voted against it, and that doesn’t even include me.

  13. markg91359 Says:


    That still doesn’t answer the question why the legislature spends time over garbage like creating a state gun when the state is looking a disastrous fiscal year with budget cuts of perhaps 7%. Maybe the legislator can enlighten us.

  14. Teresa Says:

    I’m curious about this “She believes that entitlement reform is the fundamental issue of our day. It is way past time for an increase in personal responsibility and accountability and an end to the me, me, me era of entitlements.” In typical political fashion you used words and yet said absolutely nothing. What exactly does that mean? Which “entitlements” do you mean specifically? By personal responsibility does that include legislators who hot tub with teen age girls, are involved in financial scandals, drive drunk, CEOs on Wall Street who have flushed the economy in this country down the toilet and corporations who outsource jobs to China, or does that just mean the little people, aka the taxpayers? And I have one more question, as the mother of over 20 children have you taken all of those little tax deductions over the years, effectively NOT paying for the education of your children by paying no taxes, or have you bucked up and refused the deductions? And yes I really do expect answers to my questions.
    Working (since the age of 17) mother of four and grandmother of five.

  15. hollyonthehill Says:

    I adopted 4 years ago and did not have trouble getting through the process. It was relatively lengthy, however.

  16. hollyonthehill Says:

    Entitlement reform: fiscally solvent pension plans, (done last year), Medicaid reform = restructuring payment, re-aligning incentives so that the program serves the neediest among us, as it was intended to, then decreasing the reliance on federal dollars and pulling it back to the states. Personal responsibility includes just what it sounds like – people are and should be responsible for themselves and their families. That applies to all people, no matter their job title. Specifically to the hot tub question, I called that legislator out on this blog as well as people applauding him.
    Education funding comes from property taxes, which we have paid for more than two decades, even for the 12 years we home schooled our children. Have I taken allowable deductions? Yes.

  17. markg91359 Says:

    If you’ve taken “allowable deductions” my strong suspicion is that you’ve paid no income tax other than for social security. It sounds like taxes are for the public and not for legislators.

  18. Brooke Says:

    Coming from a family of 16 children, I applaud your ability to be successful in so many areas. Also, I am sorry for your recent loss. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

  19. reffaree Says:

    RMWARNICK & MarkG: do either of you libs live here in Utah? If you hate it so much, why dont you move to a place with your own kind? So Tired of your talking points and crybaby posts. Holly Rocks and will represent WE the People. You have a choice of states to live in. So if you choose to live here, shut up and sit in the back of the car or high speed bullet train that will bankrupt our country. Holly has the tools to put the brakes on this trainwreck that you would have caused if YOUR types were put in a place of public service. GOOD LUCK HOLLY! We The People Support You.

  20. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Oh calm yourself reffaree, Utah is made of many different people of all kinds of political persuasion. rmwarnick and markg choosing to argu and engage with people who have different beliefs for the mutual enlightenment and understanding that comes from the exchange of ideas. If anything they should be applauded for not talking the easy way out and preaching to the Choir on dailykos or some other similar place.

  21. hollyonthehill Says:

    @reff – no worries. I can take it. 🙂 And Mark, since you asked, yes, we do pay taxes. Plenty of them.

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