Daily fix, Feb 1


Topping the news: Huntsman to resign as Ambassador, Obamacare ruled unconstitutional. Not a great day for the president.

*So much for Obama’s plan to keep former Governor Huntsman out of the presidential race by sending him to China. Much to the chagrin of the White House, Huntsman will step down in April to pursue a run as POTUS. Romney reportedly welcomes him to the fray, believing it makes the Romney path a bit smoother. The Hill

*A federal judge in Florida rules the entire healthcare reform act unconstitutional. Judge Roger Vinson ruled that the law’s mandate that Americans purchase health insurance is not within the legal bounds of Congress’s power under the commerce clause. There is little doubt now that the law will end up in front of the Supreme Court where the vote is expected to be 5-4 – except no one knows which direction it will go. Politico

*I learned that when I write something at 5 am, I shouldn’t wait to post it until 10:30 pm….



5 Responses to “Daily fix, Feb 1”

  1. Lynn Says:

    It is unfortunate the GOP has no compassion. It is interesting how Glenn Beck can say our health care in this country is poor and almost killed him, then when the Democrats pass a health care bill he says ours is the best in the world. ( We are currently ranked 37 ) I know the health care bill has a lot of flaws but it is so much better than the GOP would have done, as they would have done exactly NOTHING. I am a registered Republican and years ago was a delegate. I was so disgusted with the rhetoric in the Republican convention I have little respect for the nomination process. We need an open ballot in Utah. I know both parties have their problems but as I look at the lies and half truths spewed about such topics as health care and TARP I find the GOP to be the most dishonest. I hope you will be different and check facts instead of just jumping the the band wagon. While I know the Tea Party is not the GOP they seem to spew much of the same rhetoric.

  2. Joe Says:

    “It is unfortunate the GOP [is not more compassionate with other people’s money].”

    So if mandating the purchase of _____ is unconstitutional, does that mean we can opt out of Social Security soon too?

  3. markg91359 Says:

    The healthcare plan enacted on the federal level leaves much to be desired. Don’t get your hopes up yet though. One ruling by a district judge appointed by a republican president years ago means little. The US Supreme Court will pass on the constitutionality of the plan. Most observers predict it will a 5-4 decision either for or against.

    What constantly amazes me is that those who oppose the Obama healthcare plan have no real ideas of their own. It is not a real idea to abolish health insurance and have people “pay as they go” for health care. It is not a real idea to let a system under which healthcare costs escalate by 12% or more per year remain untouched. It is not a real idea to believe that by eliminating lawsuits for malpractice that healthcare costs will decline by any noticeable amount. The Congressional Budget Office says these costs only account for 1% of healthcare expenditures. Finally, it is not a real idea to believe the free market system will solve the healthcare dilemma either. The free market system has had decades to work its magic in this country and the problem only gets worse.

    Every modern country in this world including the European countries, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even Taiwan now have a form of universal health coverage. The USA has stood alone among modern nations in not enacting universal healthcare.

    What I have seen from the GOP when it comes to healthcare reform is a lot of nothing. Besides screaming “socialist” at Obama most republicans contribute nothing to the debate.

    I don’t really expect the Utah legislature to do anything about healthcare reform. I do find much of the rhetoric that comes from GOP legislators on this subject to be great comedy.

  4. Anon Says:

    I have an idea. It’s called private healthcare. When you go to the doctor, you pay the bill. When you have a catastrophic illness, your insurance pays the bills. If you didn’t buy insurance, you suffer the consequences – hopefully, there will be friends and family who will help you out.

  5. markg91359 Says:

    Anonymous your idea is a nonstarter and you probably even know it.

    Here’s a question for you under your “pay as you go” healthplan:

    1. A 3 year old child grows up in a household without health insurance and suffers a catastrophic illness that requires hospitalization or he will die. His parents cannot pay for the treatment. Do we allow the child to go without medical care and die?

    If you answer this question “yes” than you apparently do not belong to anything most of us would call the civilized world. Instead, you are caught up in some libertarian utopia probably conjured up by Ayn Rand or such.

    In any event, that’s why “pay as you” for medical care doesn’t work. Also, try to imagine the nightmare this might impose on emergency rooms who have to first determine whether the people brought to them critically ill or unconscious have a means to pay for care before any treatment can be rendered. It would be an utterly unworkable situation–if you think it about it.

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