Daily Fix, Feb 2


It’s Groundhog Day. UTferalcat saw its shadow – 6 more weeks of legislative tweeting.

*Senator Orrin Hatch is wooing the tea party ahead of the 2012 election. In addition to phone calls, meetings and hiring tea party activists, the Hatch campaign is working on a delegate recruitment strategy. According to former GOP state chair Dave Hansen, there are delegates who dumped Cannon, then Bennett and would like to dump Hatch, too. Hansen said: “Hopefully, if our effort works well, they’ll be reading about our convention in the paper rather than attending it; they won’t be delegates there.” Politico

*Speaking of the 2012 elections, US Senate Democrats are lagging in their fundraising. Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) barely raised any money in the final quarter of the year – a mere $12,000. Senator Ben Nelson raised $80K, but cash-on-hand is considerably less than their counterparts two years ago. The Hill

*Oops. Sen. Edward Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) former office manager was convicted on Tuesday of stealing more than $75,000 from the Senate. The Hill



4 Responses to “Daily Fix, Feb 2”

  1. James R Says:

    I would be first in line to toss Hatch out. It’s too late for him to ask forgiveness and go back to his old ways. Time for some new blood.

  2. Diane Says:

    I’m tired of delegate recruitment strategies. The delegates in Utah have too much power. And I say that even though I’m one! Time for an overhaul of the system. What would be wrong with having 3 or even 4 strong names on the primary ballot? Let the general populace decide. In last year’s senatorial election, I would have LOVED to see a ballot with the names of Bennett, Bridgewater, Lee and Eagar on it. The delegates could have been utilized to narrow the field down, yes, but to more than two names.

  3. The Day in Pictures: February 2nd, 2011 | New Senate Site Says:

    […] From the Daily Fix: […]

  4. Carlos Says:

    We are so sorry for your families loss of 3 feb, our prayers are with you.

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