Daily Fix, Feb 15


*Rep Mike Morley started a lively debate on the form of national government we have. It’s not a democracy, but is it a Democratic Constitutional Republic? A Federalist Republic? A Federal Constitutional Republic? Morley believes that we have a Constitutional Republic and yesterday, the House passed a bill that would have schools incorporate that into their civics education curricula. Trib

*Utah Senator Orrin Hatch doesn’t break that 50% threshold in an early poll looking at a match-up between him, Congressman Chaffetz and “neither”. Interestingly, while the poll was about a mock Republican primary, it was not limited just to Republicans, nor to “likely voters.” Des News

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5 Responses to “Daily Fix, Feb 15”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    Looking at the poll, I’d be slow to give it too much relevance. Why?

    1. +/- 4.4 margin of error is pretty high.
    2. Just Utahns doesn’t help us with what really matters–convention delegates,
    3. 496 voters nor is it a very large sample.
    3. Those will never see a Hatch v. Chaffetz match up. They’re both Republicans (see #2).
    4. Even if we saw a primary, the sample still doesn’t tell us what likely primary voters would say.
    5. Dan Jones did the poll. Mr. Jones’ polls have consistently been wrong.

    If I was Chaffetz, I wouldn’t be putting any stock in this poll. That’s not to say that he wouldn’t be a formidable challenge to Hatch, but if I was him, I wouldn’t use this poll to inform my decision whether to run.

  2. Daniel B. Says:

    sorry, on point 3, I meant to say “isn’t a very large sample.”

  3. BenJoeM Says:

    How does debating what type of government we have fix education and create jobs?

    Also Dan Jones did predict Hunstman would beat Marheson in ’04. So he got it right then.

  4. JBT Says:

    The Utah Legislature goes apoplectic when the Federal Government steps in and tells the state of Utah what to do, but those same legislators turn around and try to micromanage the curriculum of the schools. What hypocrisy!

    The principles which define the government of the United States are already taught as a part of the social studies curriculum and has been written in the standard texts by academics with far more intelligence and education on the subject than Mike Morley.

    Our state has enough real challenges and problems to address without wasting time and taxpayer money on this poopy-headed political partisan posturing and pontificating.

  5. Harmony P. Says:

    Holly, please do not support HB 485 ending tenure at Utah’s public universities.

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