Daily Fix, Feb 25


Snowball finally comes out of hiding, bill to prevent school districts paying for union work advances and 5-day work weeks may be coming back.

*Feral cats protest today’s HB 210 vote.  The bill that was gutted was resurrected and brought back for a 4th time and finally passed the House.  Salt Lake Trib ace reporter tracks down Snowball for an exclusive interview.  It is fall-on-the-floor-laughingingly-funny.  Here’s a taste:

“I’m a first generation feral. My mother was raised as house cat, but left the oppression of her masters and sacrificed everything she had to become feral.
It was a tough life for my mother, she gave birth to 5 kittens at the age of 6 months. My absentee father, whom I know nothing about, left shortly after we were born and my mother was left to raise her kittens as a single mom. Two of my siblings died shortly after birth. My 2 older brothers were killed during a Patrick Henry Caucus Cottage meeting. Growing up, I lived from Dumpster to Dumpster trying to find enough food to eat. At the age of 2, I became addicted to bath salts while living in a dumpster behind Bath & Body Works. During my first visit to rehab, I met my wife Mittens, a recovering bath salt and spice addict. We have been together ever since. We’ve had multiple litters of kittens and Mittens home schools them while I spend my time fighting for feral cat rights. It is a simple life, but we are tired of living in the shadows created by bills like HB210.

Head on over to the Trib to read the rest of the interview.

*Snowball also released a statement on the House passage of HB 210. From the release: Unfortunately, House Bill 210, in its current form, does not protect feral cats who live in the rural areas of Utah.
They still will be faced with an extermination order, like unto the Mormon Pioneers in Missouri, who were driven from their homes after Governor Boggs signed an extermination order.

*SB 113, the bill to re-draw the boundaries for legislative district 57, passed out of the House Government Operations committee. Trib

*Bill to prevent school districts from paying teachers on leave to do union work passes out of the House. Rep. Greg Hughes said the issue isn’t about whether or not teachers unions are beneficial but that it’s inappropriate for any type of association to receive taxpayer funding. Trib

*A bill that would allow government agencies to move to 5-day work week moved out of committee and on to the House floor. Some monetary savings from the 4-day work week have been recognized, but less than anticipated. Deseret News


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