Daily Fix, March 16


You know what kind of time warp I’m in when I keep trying to type “January” in the date line…..Today’s Daily Fix includes some miracle stories from Japan and the first TSA smack – I mean pat-down by the feds

*After Japan’s deadly disasters, rescuers are finding reasons to hope.  A tiny 4-month old baby was found alive and was reunited with her parents, a 70-yr old woman was found alive in her home 4 days after the tsunami wiped out most of the region and a 60-year old man was rescued after being swept 10 miles out to sea.  Yahoo 

*From KSL, we have more on Japan. ”

When natural disasters strike, looting and lawlessness tend to follow. That’s what happened following Katrina and after the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. But that’s not the picture you’ll see in Japan. Instead people wait patiently in lines for hours for limited groceries and gas. “We’re taught that this world is for the people, and the people are what make this world go round,” explained Miho “Mimi” Ujiie, founding president of the Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce.  Honor. Loyalty. Brotherly kindness. These are all part of the Japanese culture.” Very cool.  KSL

*After several run-ins with TSA over the last couple of years, Congressman Jason Chaffetz had the chance to put them on the hot seat today.  They had to listen to hours of testimony – and lawmakers own personal horror stories before their opportunity to speak to the Congressional Oversight Committee before they had an opportunity to speak.  Perhaps the next committee hearing will feature scanners in the room so TSA personnel can demonstrate how non-invasive they are. Trib



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