Daily Fix, March 28


Big bridge makes history in Utah County. I was there until 2 am, but then wimped out and went to bed. 🙂

*The so-called Super Bowl of bridge moving took place Saturday night without commercials (that would have been cool) but plenty of fanfare. KSL

*More than 1,100 people watched as self-propelled modular transporters put in place the 354-foot, 3.8 million-pound Sam White Bridge — the longest two-span bridge ever moved in the Western Hemisphere. “We like to describe it as a football field with end zones,” said Robert Stewart, construction manager for the Utah Department of Transportation’s I-15 CORE Project in Utah County. “It’s an incredible size of bridge to be moving into place.” Deseret News

*UDOT has successfully moved 22 other bridges the same way just not on such a grand scale. It was such a spectacle that transportation department heads from across the country traveled to witness it. “Utah has clearly proven it can be done effectively and efficiently. It’s another great tool to have in the tool box,” said Paul Rowekamp, Minnesota Department of Transportation Bridge Office Bridge Standards Engineer. Not only did UDOT manage to lift the 3.8 million pound Sam White Bridge 21 feet in the air then 500 feet across to be lowered in to place, but they did it three hours quicker than expected. ABC4

*Snowy skies didn’t slow the overnight placement of a 354-foot long bridge across Interstate 15 in American Fork. The bridge is one of 59 that will be built, modified or rebuilt as part of the $1.7 billion Utah County I-15 Corridor Expansion (I-15 CORE), reconstruction of 24 miles of freeway from Lehi to Spanish Fork. Trib

*More pictures from the event


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  1. DC Says:

    Be sure to call Rep Matheson to sign up for his 7PM townhall. He has it set up now that YOU have to call and give your name and phone so they call you vs. you calling and pressing operator # to be turned into conf call. My guess fewer people will call in this way just the way he wants it fewer hardball questions call asap to sign up 202-225-3011

  2. Smart Conservative Says:

    We need to take Holly off the hill! She voted for thousands of rapes by voting yes on HB 116, which allows illegal immigrants guest worker status. I asked her on Facebook if it had to do with illegals already here and she blatently lied!

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