Daily Fix, March 30


GRAMA working group meets again, Herbert vetoes 4 bills, signs bill repealing HB477 and more and up-close pictures of Mercury.

*The GRAMA working group met for the second time. They heard public testimony for the first hour-plus, then from representatives (including the general counsel) of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. The League explained various situations that Utah’s 245 cities face with GRAMA. Chairman of the group, Lane Beattie says this phase of gathering information is important to the process. The group also heard input on having a GRAMA ombudsman to field questions and act as a mediator. Daily Herald // Deseret News

*Governor Herbert vetoed 4 bills, including a return to the five-day work week for government offices. The other bills included one that sought to earmark a portion of the state sales tax to road maintenance, one that affected the state’s health care exchange and one that sought to use technology to help steer students toward college degrees that businesses desire. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/51532372-76/adams-bill-didn-governor.html.csp

*Governor Herbert also signed HB1001, the bill repealing HB477. In addition, he finished signing all remaining bills finalizing the state budget and a bill that would require future legal settlements paid by the Utah Department of Transportation to be approved by the governor if the deal exceeds $500,000, or by the governor and legislative leaders if it tops $1 million. Trib

*And if none of that interests you, how about pictures of Mercury? (As in the planet) Space.com



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