The path to prosperity


There are finally some people in Washington willing to take on entitlements like Medicaid and Medicare. We can and we must address those areas if we are to turn this “ship of state” around.


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14 Responses to “The path to prosperity”

  1. Sue Connor Says:

    Give it 24 hours and then we will see what the fact checkers have to say about Ryan’s “facts”. It’s a nice message “path to prosperity”, but methinks the path only includes the top 3% of our citizens . The rest are left with a really crappy life so our children and grandchildren can have a better life? How exactly does that work?

  2. reffaree Says:

    Sue: your liberal diseased brain is no longer working. FACT: Obama has increased spending by 4 trillion in 2 years and its “RADICAL” to cut 6 Trillion in 10 years? See how Effed up your mind is? Drink MUCH KOOK-aid Lately? MOVE TO CALIFORNIA if your not there already.

  3. Jeremy Nicoll Says:

    I too would like to hear the facts – but only because people want to hear that the government is spending less but do not want “their” programs cut. We’ve been spending recklessly for a century now and it’s only getting worse. An article by CNBC states that the plan won’t cut “entitlement programs” – but it’s entitlement programs (for people at all parts of the spectrum) and war spending that have gotten us here in the first place.

  4. Sue Connor Says:

    Hhmmm, that was an intelligent and thoughtful response. Republicans are contradicting their own message of 2008 when they criticized Obama for wanting to cut Medicare/Medicaid. Ryan’s plan gets rid of these programs altogether, privatizes them, and gives the elderly, poor, and disabled vouchers for healthcare – kind of like the Affordable Healthcare Act that the Republicans want to repeal – ironic. But it doesn’t provide for coverage for all, still allows for sick and elderly to be turned down by private health care when they need it most. Is this really what you want for yourself, your parents, or your children?

  5. Sue Connor Says:

    My prior comment was to@reffaree. By the way, how would moving to CA help. This is a NATIONAL crisis?!

  6. reffaree Says:

    Sue: Someday California will fall off the face of the earth, ending your so called “really crappy life” and in the meantime, you and your crybaby liberal victim types can all be PC to each other. WE THE PEOPLE of UTAH have had enough of your crap. So you and your media and your SOROS talking points are no good here dummy. Sorry I cannot be more compassionate or intelligent like you and your president want us “STUPID, un-educated EXTREME tea party folk” to be but you and your ILK have created this situation where we have to battle you like you have been attacking our LIFE, LIBERTY and Happiness for Decades. OK?

  7. reffaree Says:


  8. Sue Connor Says:

    You represent WE THE PEOPLE OF UTAH! Well, I live in UT also and you don’t represent my position. Your comments are ridiculous and not representative of anything by ignorance. You feel defensive about your way of life? Well, so do others feel attacked and as if they have to defend their values and principles against those who are self centered and fail to remember the welfare of others in the community less fortunate then them.
    This past weekend’s LDS Conference made the point of the importance of welfare and compassion for those in need.

  9. Jeremy Nicoll Says:

    Seems like the elderly, poor, and sick are around no matter how much we spend. More waste, fraud, and reckless spending are going to bankrupt EVERYONE – and then where will all those “poor” people be. We’ll ALL be poor and unable to help anyone.

  10. reffaree Says:

    SUE: AGAIN. Your liberal “NON-thinking” brain is Toast. Welfare?…ITS Corrupt. Your Big Government solutions that are being proposed have FAILED everywhere they have been tried. As we speak, your socialist utopia of EUROPE know that it is a failed system and they are MOVING AWAY FROM IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! Now on to the 200 TON gorilla in the room. LDS? AWECOMEon! You are the one with the most need. You need a REALITY transplant. So As I said before. You live in a dominantly CONSERVATIVE state and for those reasons, you live the life you currently enjoy. KKKKalifornia, ILL-in-OISE (home of your president) and East Coast states are all broke due to the policies you call for. SO LASTLY AGAIN, move to where you can be with your likeminded ILK or keep your commie/socialist – UNAMERICAN thoughts to yourself. K? I have to go to make some money to support the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT POPULATION YOUR CHURCH WANTS TO SUPPORT.

  11. hollyonthehill Says:

    Oh for pete’s sake – play nice on the playground, kids, or I’ll have to put you in time-out and go back to moderating all the comments…..

  12. Sue Connor Says:

    Never said I was LDS. Am not part of the majority religion here, but like that they believe in helping others.

    @Jeremy – Agreed.

    @ Hollyonthehill – perhaps you could just reject comments that are in ALL CAPS and include words like commie, kkk, and kook-aid.

  13. Pops Says:

    Compulsory compassion is an oxymoron.

    Since government creates neither wealth nor jobs, the obvious solution is to get government out of the economic picture as much as possible.

  14. Bronson Says:

    Holly’s a Commie and wants to CENSOR you. 🙂

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