Daily Fix, April 6


Continuing yesterday’s theme of the newly unveiled GOP budget proposal, here are some additional links.

*Predictably, the left claims Rep Paul Ryan and the GOP hate old people and are stealing “their” Medicare. The Hill, Politico

*And plenty on the right claim it does not go far enough. They want it fast-tracked over a ten-year period instead of 20, say it’s light on entitlement reform, The Hill, Rick Manning, Daily Caller, Ace of Spades

*A conservative view of Paul Ryan’s plan breaks down the excellent, the good and the “needs improvement”. Excellent includes: Medicaid reform, the repeal of ethanol subsidies and reform of farm subsidies, permanent repeal of earmarks. Good includes: Medicare reform, food stamp reform. Needs improvement: Social Security must be addressed, the death tax repealed and we need to do more to address the debt and the deficit. Red State

*The entire Utah delegation praises Ryan’s plan – including Congressman Jim Matheson. “The approach that he takes is maybe not the approach that I would take,” Matheson says, but “maintaining the status quo is unsustainable.” SL Trib



8 Responses to “Daily Fix, April 6”

  1. Krista Black Says:

    Even Phantom Jim weighs in? How rare and welcome.

  2. rmwarnick Says:

    Rep. Matheson is as clueless as the rest of Washington. The Ryan plan is not even worthy of discussion. But we’ll have to discuss it anyway because the Washington types insist on taking it seriously.

    Unicorns and rainbows.

  3. JBT Says:

    I have paid into medicare and social security from the age of 12 when I got my first real job. I am now 63 and you are damned right that I am entitled to those benefits. “Entitlements” is not a dirty word.

  4. Pops Says:

    Okay, rmwarnick, let’s not discuss it. Perhaps you haven’t noticed the exponential growth in both government spending and debt. It won’t be long until bankruptcy forces us to discuss it if you don’t want to discuss it now.

    And JBT – you know where your payments went, right? Some of the money was used to pay benefits to others, while the rest was spent to increase the scope of government. There’s nothing left. The only way you’ll get benefits is to take money away from others – those now working and those yet born. There’s a really moral position. Face it, you (and all the rest of us) were sucked into a pyramid scheme. Entitlements is a dirty word when it applies to other people’s property.

  5. rmwarnick Says:

    You want to balance the federal budget? First, raise taxes on the rich and corporations. Stop the wars, and cut $300 billion from the Department of Defense. Then control health care costs.

    FYI, the government cannot go bankrupt. That’s why Grover Norquist is an idiot.

  6. JBT Says:

    So Pops are you going to turn down Social Security and Medicare when you turn 65 if you haven’t already? You are a hypocrite if you don’t.

  7. Pops Says:

    I’ll probably collect it and give it back to my kids who are paying it.

  8. Pops Says:

    FYI, the government cannot go bankrupt.

    That’s great news. So, why should we have to pay any taxes at all?

    (PS Raising taxes on corporations will drive out the few that are left. Having the highest corporate tax rate in the world isn’t good for business.)

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