Morgan county GOP convention


I always love going to rural county conventions. Tonight’s was no exception. Up in Morgan county, there are 30 delegates total. 28 delegates or their alternates were present, along with about that many more interested parties.

Lars Birkeland is the new county part chair, with more than 67% of the vote. He is a young, energetic chair who wants to be involved and wants to strengthen the Republican party. He advocated more involvement from all – grassroots, get-out-the-vote, the use of online tools like Facebook and Twitter and he wants to spearhead a drive to register more Republicans in a county with 40% unaffiliated voters.

After nominations, Lt Gov Greg Bell spoke to the audience. Did you know that we have eastern bureaucrats who want the EPA to prohibit manure being placed on snow? What happens to farmers and ranchers in the west? Seriously, people……

He spent most of his time addressing the federal economic crisis – threats of a shutdown, an outcry over cuts in spending, whether discretionary or non-discretionary, massive deficit spending, a huge debt load and on and on it goes. Utah remains the best managed state in the nation for a reason. We balance our budget. We limit the amount of debt we take on. When we run out of money, we stop spending. It should not be headline news that the government is talking about moving towards balancing their budget!

The convention went smoothly, no noticeable infighting and no prolonged debate over adopting the agenda. Good work, Morgan county!


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  1. theSTARforum Says:

    Lars is the MAN!

  2. Daniel B. Says:

    Morgan County is God’s country…

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