Daily Fix, April 11


The federal government did not shut down on Friday, the BIG budget battle is still ahead and Pignanelli and Webb wonder if the tea party influence is waning in Utah.

*Since all of you were undoubtedly on the edge of your seats late Friday night waiting to see if all non-essential government services would grind to a halt, you already know that a deal was reached. $38.5 billion in cuts in exchange for dropping the policy riders that would have defunded Planned Parenthood and put restrictions on the EPA and Obamacare. Politico

*Much bigger battles loom as the debt ceiling will be reached in May and the Ryan 2012 budget is on the table. During last week’s impasse, Boehner’s political cred went up, but it remains to be seen if GOP unity will remain intact when dealing with the GOP’s budget plan. The Hill

*Obama is now trying to get ahead of the budget battles by hinting at entitlement reforms – and tax increases. Republicans are skeptical, saying that they’ve had to bring the president “kicking and screaming” to the table to cut spending. Politico // WaPo

*Many tea party activists are unhappy at the compromise, wanting the cuts to go much deeper. Congressman Jason Chaffetz joined 69 of his colleagues in voting against the deal, saying it did not go far enough. “We have to be more aggressive in tackling our debt. At least we are talking about cuts, but these are not nearly big enough.” (Remember, the cuts aren’t even 1% of the proposed budget.) SL Trib // CBS

*Speaking of the tea party, Pignanelli and Webb wonder if their influence has peaked. Webb, a long-time Republican says “It is a sign of political naivete to attack someone you agree with 90 percent of the time. Some on the far right would burn down the house because they don’t like the paint in the bathroom.” Pignanelli, a Democrat, says he is both amused and vindicated. DNews


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3 Responses to “Daily Fix, April 11”

  1. rmwarnick Says:

    So once again the plan is to make the Democrats agree to Republican priorities, then the Tea-GOP will vote against the bill? Maybe it will work with the FY 2011 budget, maybe not. We could be facing a federal government shutdown deadline again this Friday. If I were a Dem member of Congress, I would be very tired of being jerked around.

    It was so close last Friday that visitors in national park and national forest campgrounds had already been advised to move out. But in the final analysis the Republican leadership revealed that they were not serious about shutting down the government and repeating Newt Gingrich’s epic fail. Something to remember if they try a repeat of hostage-taking with the debt ceiling and the FY 2012 budget.

  2. JBT Says:

    Jason Chaffetz needs to grow up and replace some of his ideology with some responsibility. Had the government shut down real people would have been hurt all because of his partisan political posturing.

  3. markg91359 Says:

    Jason Chaffetz is a joke. I didn’t think they got any worse than Chris Cannon, until I saw Chaffetz.

    What irritates me the most about this clown is that he can afford to be as irresponsible as he wants. He’s a junior Congressman. He can spout off about government shut downs, privatizing Medicare, or abolishing five government agencies. He won’t have to take the blame if any of his ridiculous ideas become law. He can blame that on a President or on the Senate.

    Having said that I understand exactly how he got elected. He’s exactly what people in Utah County and rural Utah want.

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