Box Elder County GOP Convention


Tonight’s trip to the Box Elder county convention had a little more excitement than most trips. We passed a roll-over that had just barely happened and had the opportunity to be a “first-responder” – guess that nursing training can come in handy! In spite of rolling a couple of times, the driver had relatively minor injuries. I was very impressed at the speed with which the police and ambulance crews arrived to a relatively remote location. Kudos to them.

The county convention had about a 35% turnout – pretty average for an organizing convention. Representatives Lee Perry and Ronda Menlove were present, as were the Lieutenant Governor, the entire state party leadership team and representatives from Senators Hatch and Lee’s office as well as Congressman Bishop’s office.

First item on the agenda was the anti-HB 116 resolution, calling for repeal of the bill. It failed to pass, 48-46.

The chair and vice-chair – both new – were put in by acclamation. The new party chair is Tom Peterson. The treasurer remains the same and was also put in by acclamation, as were the 2 district chairs.

For the 2 state central committee positions, 5 delegates were nominated, including former state Rep Ben Ferry and the just-past county party chair, Scott Erickson who, in fact, became the state central committee members.

State party chair Thomas Wright spoke to the group and spoke to the importance of strengthening the Republican party. He talked about the changes in Salt Lake County, the increase in vote-by-mail registration and the flipping of 5 seats from D to R state-wide.

Lt Gov Bell spoke about the insane level of spending on the federal level. He spoke about the clearly dysfunctional approach to spending. We don’t have enough, but hey, we have a house that’s way too big with a mortgage we can’t afford, but any money that comes in, we spend on “extras” and never do get around to addressing the fundamental problem. (I’m paraphrasing….)

Quick and efficient, the entire convention lasted less than an hour and a half. Nice job, Box Elder!



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