Daily Fix, April 15


There are a number of rallies around the nation today, on our nation’s traditional “Tax Day”. In fact, most of the Presidential hopefuls will be attending Tax Day rallies. In clear contrast to the last couple of years with TEA party rallies around the state, there is only ONE rally in Utah, down in St. George.

*One of the most prominent rallies will be at the statehouse in Concord, N.H., the first-in-the-nation primary state. It’s sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a major Tea Party organizer, and will feature multiple contenders for the GOP presidential nomination. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.), former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer and businessman Herman Cain are scheduled to address the crowd. All four have formed presidential exploratory committees. Pawlenty will also be at the “Greater Boston Tea Party Tax Rally”, Ron Paul will be in a different locale in New Hampshire, Sarah Palin will be in Wisconsin, and the Donald will be addressing a Tea Party rally in Florida. The Hill

*Meanwhile, Mitt Romney will be in Orlando, where he penned a new op-ed praising the Tea Party for kicking off a “popular movement to scale back government and reduce the tax burden that has been stifling our economy.” Politico

*Only one Utah rally will be held, down in St George. It will be at the Vernon Worthen Park starting at 5 pm. Speakers include former Congressional candidate Morgan Philpot and prospective Congressional candidate Carl Wimmer. The Spectrum


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  1. theSTARforum Says:

    While rally’s are not big this year, we are still showing our love of smaller government and lower taxes by attending the movie this weekend of Atlas Shrugged. Many tea party groups and 9.12 groups have that going on.

    Also, there are many events that are being held around the country this year on April 21 called “Flashmob of Kindness.” These are way for those of who believe in small government to do more than gather, but to gather and DO MORE! This is essential to take back our country one community at a time by being charitable. Give our money to charity, even while we are being robbed by the government.

    To find an event, check on facebook, or go to a tea party or 9.12 meetup group near you. Here’s ours http://www.meetup.com/theSTARforum

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