Daily Fix, April 19


So many stories to choose from today! More FAA troubles, the POTUS does not respond well to pointed questions, no birther bill in Arizona, Huntsman’s leaked letter and Brad Daw plans to close a loophole in state law.

*Adding to the FAA’s recent woes, the First Lady’s plane could not land because a cargo plane got too close. According to a CNN source, the planes were three miles apart, when they are supposed to be five miles apart. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what went wrong, as it is believed to be an air traffic controller mistake. CNN

*The President got testy at a reporter recently. According to Politico, the reporter’s questions weren’t particularly difficult, but they were clearly not what Obama was expecting. The result was a viral video that depicted Obama as angry when faced with tough questioning. And it unveiled some of the degree to which the White House would like to control its message. White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer was asked by Time reporter Michael Scherer, “So will WFAA’s Brad Watson get another interview one day?” Instead of quickly taking the high road, Pfeiffer suggested that Watson may truly be out in the cold after irritating the president. Politico

*Governor Jan Brewer vetoed her state’s birther bill. In a letter explaining her veto, Brewer said the proposal, “creates significant new problems while failing to do anything constructive for Arizona.” The Hill

*Welcome to politics on the national stage. Jon Huntsman Jr had letters “leaked” to the press that praised President Obama and the Clinton’s. Now the finger-pointing has begun. Was it a White House insider? A Romney fan? A Huntsman insider? The documents are public – the names of people accessing those documents are not. Des News

*Welcome to “The Donald”? President Barack Obama has launched his re-election bid in a low-key manner, but the GOP search is, um, interesting. According to the AP, GOP celebrities like Sarah Palin aren’t getting much buzz. Mainstream candidates like Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty aren’t getting much traction. It’s people once considered highly unlikely to compete seriously for the party’s nomination who are creating big stirs in early voting states. Deseret News

*Brad Daw, R-Orem, seeks to close a legal loophole that led a judge to release Lonnie Johnson — who had been convicted of raping a teenager in Washington state, and faced 20 new child sex abuse counts in Utah County — because he was found incompetent to stand trial with no improvement likely. “I expect by the end of the summer to have something ready to present to an interim committee and ready for quick passage during the 2012 general legislative session. I can’t imagine any objection to it,” Daw said. “We want to get the bill right. But it seems obvious that anyone who is likely to rape a child presents a risk of doing serious bodily harm.” SL Trib



3 Responses to “Daily Fix, April 19”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    Great to see a report challenging him, but with the White House threatening a loss of access, what reporter is going to take that challenge again?

  2. JBT Says:

    I watched the so called “viral video”linked to and also the video of the interview in its entirety and did not see that “the president got testy” or that the video “depicted Obama as angry”. I fail to see how any intelligent person who actually watched the video(s) could come up with those types of descriptions for the content and tone of the interview.

    What I did see is a bright articulate U.S. President giving clear thoughtful and specific answers to a series of questions, some of which were clearly intended to bait him on issues which the Texas Governor has used to attack him and his administration.

  3. If they were companies, Huntsman would be trading up, Romney trading down. | What they don't teach in law school Says:

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