LDS Church’s Official Immigration Response


After conflicting information was disseminated about the LDS church and their position on the package of immigration bills passed by the Utah legislature – including HB 116 – the following statement was released today:

Immigration Response

Salt Lake City

Members of the public who contact the Church Public Affairs Department asking for the Church’s position on immigration have been given the following response:

The Church has spoken a number of times about the issue of immigration. Specifically, it has spoken in support of the Utah Compact, and has described the package of bills passed by the Utah Legislature, taken together, as “a responsible approach” to the difficult question of immigration reform.

The Church’s position is based on three basic principles:

1. The commandment to “Love thy neighbor.”
2. The importance of keeping families intact.
3. The federal government’s obligation to secure its borders.

The Church appreciates the package of bills that the legislature had passed, including House Bill 116. The Church feels that this package was a responsible attempt to address the principles outlined above.

The February 28th Deseret News editorial, ‘A Model For The Nation’ also accurately reflects the position of the Church regarding immigration reform, including measures that will allow those who are now here illegally to work legally, provide for their families, and become better contributing members of our communitybut without establishing a path to citizenship or granting amnesty.

The Church may speak further on this subject if it is necessary to refute any misunderstandings or correct distortions of its views that have found their way into the discussion taking place on this important topic.


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33 Responses to “LDS Church’s Official Immigration Response”

  1. Andrea Says:

    This is an economically rational position for the LDS Church to take. Religion needs to continuously gain converts or they fade away because retention rates of those who are born and raised in religion are far less than 100%. That’s why mainline Protestant churches are in decline. More people go out the back door than are coming in through the front door.

    The Hispanic population is where religion will find growth. White America becomes slightly less religious with each new generation, but Hispanics are still a major growth market for religion.

  2. Rob Says:

    Economics aside, this is the morally correct position to take. I support the Prophet. I support the Utah Compact. I support Holly and the other legislators who courageously passed a package of immigration bills to lead the nation towards comprehensive immigration reform. Thanks for standing up for what is right, despite the howling and gnashing of teeth coming from the anti-immigrant crowd!

  3. hollyonthehill Says:

    Thanks, Rob.

  4. Brittanicus Says:

    State of Arizona is thriving?

    Seems a revelation has been born in the Great Canyon State of Arizona, as the Leftist Czars and open border zealots were completely wrong about their economy diving? The Obama administration immediately ran to the federal courts, and Judge Bolton issued an injunction, halting any hope of the SB 1070 policing law going into effect immediately, while the law was litigated and then jumping to the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The screaming banshees from the Liberal indoctrinated cause, advocacy groups whose agenda is a commitment to no borders at all, swore blind that Arizona would suffer economic devastation? Its a one sided to me when the Dept of In-Justice throws the book at Arizona, but remains silent when Utah legislators are pushing for a unconstitutional Guest worker program. These included massive real estate foreclosures, home buyers would give the state a wide berth, with boycotts that would hurt the State and with a main objective that illegal alien families would flee the state, leaving economic uncertainty?

    So the Liberal progressive couldn’t have been more wrong as Arizona is prospering. The 2010 Census has proved beyond any shadow of doubt, that unlike the illegal alien Sanctuary State of California, and equally opened to occupation Nevada, that Arizona is bristling with new arrivals. It seems that Canadian citizens frustrated with the inclement weather up North are pouring in to take advantage of the low priced homes and the depressed US dollar. Outside of Nevada, the newest illegal immigrant refuge State, Arizona is a rapidly growing in population. Lee McPheters, director of the J.P. Morgan Chase Economic Outlook Center has predicted that the State of Arizona’s population will increase by close to two percent this year.

    What actually happened to retort the silly boycotts and other negative activity, thousands of patriotic citizens and permanent residence throughout the nation, disgusted with the Liberal agenda, decided to deliberately reserve Arizona as their vacation spot. The largest haven for illegal alien households, Los Angeles County issued a resolution against the financially hurting State of Arizona, which got in the craw of millions of Americans. Antonio Villaraigosa, a pro-illegal alien Mayor committed himself, to the boycott and then in retaliation Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce sent a letter stating to the city managers, saying that he would “be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation.” Los Angeles County gets 25 percent of its electricity from Arizona power plants.

    On June 29, last year Governor Jan Brewer condemned the federal government for what she calls its “continued failure to secure our international border,” and announced the unveiling of a new web site for donating money to the cause. She pointed out at this time that signs have been posted on federal property in Southern Arizona to warn people about the dangerous border. Within weeks close to $4 million in donations was received from over 43,000 Americans countrywide, with more than enough to cover the $1.5 million in costs for attorneys and fees. Currently, in the Frontier State the economy has shown little difference in service industries where illegal immigrants work, such as landscaping, fast food, roofing, building, car washes, factories and the hotel industry. Although illegal immigrants are disappearing from the state, prices have barely increased; BUT WHERE ARE THEY GOING?

    California would be my first guess? Nevada is for sure and also Utah? Colorado? These States are exhibiting naked ignorance of the war going on in America. While Arizona begins to thrive, California has to expect more crowded classrooms full of children of illegal immigrants and of course the health care emergency rooms being further clogged to its limits. If you live in these States or any State that is pandering to foreigners, they will not only see Democrat politicians scrambling to enact laws for higher taxes, but your State deficits will rise accordingly as these people look for another haven.

    Reports that SB 1070 is hurting the State economically has not taken into account the near deep recession. Since Arizona has been one of the highest growing in the Southwest, it now has one of the highest rates of home foreclosures. It has been hit harder by the recession than most of the rest of the country, except for Nevada. Arizona lost twice as many jobs as the average state during the economic decline of the past few years. Earlier last year the State of Arizona ranked 12th for job creation of the 50 states surveyed. My first wife who lives right now in Ohio, has decided to buy a home in Arizona. Not as a investor, but to live there. I have already warned her to stay well away from the border, but find a gated community.

    If you want an upper hand to stop these innocuous “Political Correctness” of our immigration laws, forced on us by the Lib-Democrats and their (seeking more votes) or Elite Republicans (cheap labor) our only real alternative is the TEA PARTY. Its overall platform is less government interference, fair taxes, and national security. Their leader’s will halt the unresponsiveness of both parties to our 14 Trillion deficits and not allow the credit ceiling to rise without assurances that government expenditure will be cut, including fraud and waste in entitlements. That a double layer fence will separate America from drug cartels and the far reaching economic immigrants pouring into America. There will be no Immigration reforms, which include amnesties of any kind; currently that means the Dream Act, Sanctuary States, chain migration, that are stealth amnesties.Another very controversial issue, is the instant citizenship infant 14th Amendment law, that must be rescinded or altered, so at least one parent is a citizen.or naturalized citizen. The 1986 Reagan/Simpson/Mazzoli bill is not broken, it was ignored and not enforced.

    We need to look after our own people, living in poverty, not the rest of the world. Low income Americans-residents of all race persuasions, are losing their jobs to discount labor. For decades now the manual workers have been replaced by people from overseas or across our borders who by being illegally hired for massive profits , places even more pressure on welfare, unemployment aid, workers compensation and public benefits. Speak-up, join the TEA PARTY and make this a central issue in coming elections. Attn: Unknown numbers of illegal aliens have been caught in different malleable States voting in our elections. If you believe that your Federal and State lawmakers are not listening to you, but catering to the open border lunatics, check out the pro-sovereignty million member plus NumbersUSA website.

  5. Adam Gale Says:

    Holly, please show me a single statement that the LDS Church endorses HB116. I called the public affairs office earlier today at (801) 240-1000 and talked to Mr. Owen. He says the LDS Church official position is not to endorse any legislation. Why are you so desperately trying to use the LDS Church as a political tool for political gains? You should be embarrassed for doing so, Holly.

  6. JBT Says:

    @Adam Go to the link in Holly’s article that is accessed by clicking the word “statement” and read for yourself, the position of the LDS Church.

  7. Pops Says:

    Let me add my thanks to Holly and other brave legislators who refuse to be swept up in what Paul Mero of the Sutherland Institute has rightly called right-wing extremism.

  8. JJL9 Says:

    Andrea, your statement shows that you are a bigot and that you have not even the slightest clue about the LDS church.

  9. Adam Gale Says:

    Sorry, nowhere in ANY Church statement do they endorse HB116. They appreciate principles held in certain bills, but they do not endorse a single bill. Those who are using the LDS Church as a tool to further political agendas are disgusting, and should be ashamed for twisting the words of the LDS Church. Holly, last I checked, there was a separation between Church and state, why are you quoting LDS authorities in Convention and Delegate meetings?

  10. JBT Says:

    Adam, Your frivolous argument based upon semantics of the word “endorse” carries no weight whatsoever. Please review the common definition of the word that you are mincing to support your biased view.

    1. Declare one’s public approval or support of.

    With that definition in mind, please re-read the following statements quoted directly from the LDS News website.

    “The Church appreciates the package of bills that the legislature had passed, including House Bill 116. The Church feels that this package was a responsible attempt to address the principles outlined above.

    The February 28th Deseret News editorial, ‘A Model For The Nation’ also accurately reflects the position of the Church regarding immigration reform. . .”

    The Deseret News editorial which “accurately reflects the position of the Church” includes the following statements.

    “As our legislators conclude their challenging deliberations on how to forge a genuinely Utah solution from the many excellent ideas that have been considered, we commend them for their thoughtfulness, their statesmanship and their ongoing desire to do what is best for all of God’s children.”

    It goes without question that the LDS Church has publicly approved and supported the immigration reform legislation passed by the recent legislature, including HB116. It is not Holly who is twisting the words of the LDS Church in this instance.

  11. Adam Gale Says:

    @JBT, you can attempt to twist the words to fit your political needs all you want. I believe in a separation of Church and State, and would never quote the Church to further my political agenda. Of course, the LDS Church will lose it’s tax exempt status if it indeed has endorsed any single piece of legislation, therefore, they can not have endorsed any bill. On the plus side, Holly is set to be removed from office next election, the delegates have spoken, she is specifically mentioned as a traitor to the Republican cause as she directly violated the Republican/Conservative platform, the delegates have mentioned her, and Bramble by name.

  12. Adam Gale Says:

    The Church appreciates the package of bills that the legislature had passed, including House Bill 116. Appreciation for Principles in a bill, are not support for a bill. Again, I eagerly await proof that the LDS Church has said that they support, or approve of a single piece of legislation, or do they simply appreciate the Principled approach of the bills? Yup, sorry, the Church only supports Principles, and not individual pieces of legislation. Nice try twisting those words though. Keep using the LDS Church to further your political agenda. Holly, you should feel embarrassed every single time you use the LDS Church at any delegate meeting to further YOUR agenda.

  13. Adam Gale Says:

    Of course it would be easy to just ignore the Church

    Oh wait, they DO NOT ENDORSE any piece of legislation. They endorse PRINCIPLES.

  14. JJL9 Says:


    What is this “separation of Church and State” you speak of?

    Can you provide some quotes and the sources please?

  15. Jared Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but when a parent gets deported for violating our immigration and other laws, that parent is allowed to take their spouse (usually also an illegal immigrant) and children with them back to their home country, correct? In other words, there is no law that says you have to abandon your children in the United States if you get busted for breaking the law, correct?

  16. blake Franze Says:

    has anyone considered that the LDS is completely unbiblical? “church?” who cares what they say. And they are no credit to Holly. The church of “LDS” is more like the church of “LSD”

  17. blake Franze Says:

    Dear Holly, conservative my butt

  18. blake Franze Says:

    ok sorry, Holly, that was harsh but seriously. AT LEAST don’t claim to be conservative

  19. JJL9 Says:

    Blake, I’ve got two questions for you.

    #1 What do you think the term “conservative” means (to most people)?

    #2 How does supporting federal immigration law with its immigration restrictions fit into being “conservative”?

  20. JJL9 Says:

    I hear nothing but crickets.

  21. Adam Gale Says:

    You mean the Conservative platform in Utah that Holly has refused to deal with and continues to ignore, up to and including many of her own constituents. The Utah County convention spoke quite loudly about HB116 and immigration. Thank Goodness the delegates are already ready to fire Holly next election and she won’t be able to run rampant voting for every little bill that makes this state a sanctuary state.

  22. JJL9 Says:

    Adam, try answering the questions:

    #1 What do you think the term “conservative” means (to most people)?

    #2 How does supporting federal immigration law with its immigration restrictions fit into being “conservative”?

    The answer to #1 is not “any policy that is supported by a majority of Republicans” (which is what your post implies).

  23. Adam Gale Says:

    JJL9, don’t call yourself a Republican if you’re not going to follow the party platform. Holly has abandoned the party platform, eagerly fled it is a more accurate description. True conservatives hold the following values, smaller government (HB116 increases the government), pro life, uphold the constitution (HB116 on it’s face per the legislative attorneys is unconstitutional) Shall I go on? Holly has failed on more than one front in being a Republican and a Conservative. She is truly a RINO, and only talks about conservatism when it benefits her.

  24. Adam Gale Says:

    Holly does not have the right to ignore the voice of her constituents, as she has consistently done since she was elected. The delegates are regretting that mistake greatly. She’s also one of the people that is trying to get rid of the Caucus system, and further deprive the PEOPLE of their voices.

  25. hollyonthehill Says:

    Oh please. Now you’re just being silly. First of all, you live in St George. You have no idea what “my delegates” think. You don’t like 116. – I got that, but plenty of conservatives do. The stats quo is big government and fiscally costly. Enforcement only is even bigger government and sends costs through the roof. 116 is the only proposal that cost-shifts the burden from the taxpayer to the individual who is here illegally and let’s them have some skin in the game.
    If you are somehow implying I am not pro-life, well, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe you think I don’t believe in school choice – except Parents for Choice in Education gave me a 100% rating. Maybe you think I believe in higher taxes – the Taxpayers Association gave me a 91% ranking. Maybe you think I have a ranking towards the bottom of the list when it comes to Don Guymon’s “Grassroots” rating, but no, I have an 84% ranking there, with only 3 votes he disagreed with. Or maybe you think I’m to the left of the “stalwarts” who are anti-116. In fact, I’m not. BYU just scored legislators on their relative position on a conservative-liberal scale. Not only am I towards the top, I am ranked as more conservative than either Steve Sandstrom or Chris Herrod. Sorry to burst your bubble. I know you so desperately want it to be true.
    Oh, and one final thing. You should be ashamed of spreading rumors. I’ve always been a strong proponent of the caucus-convention system.

  26. JJL9 Says:

    Adam, thanks for at least having the gumption to try to respond.

    Smaller government? In which alternate universe does enforcement of nonsensical federal immigration policy equal smaller government. Interfering less (ideally not at all) with one’s right to move about freely and associate freely and peaceable with whom one will is smaller government. How can you even say HB116 increases government?

    Pro life? Why did you throw that in there? Are you suggesting that Holly is anything but?

    Uphold the constitution? Have you read it? As to your reference to the Constitutional note, I’ve got a challenge for you. Go back and check how many bills have past during the past few sessions with similar Constitutional notes. Check and see how many of them you support. You will find that there are many such bills passed every session, even more during the last few sessions than the past average. Those bills are the ones that Constitutional conservatives champion as “States Rights” bills. The Constitutional note does not mean that it is unconstitutional, but simply that it is likely to be challenged by the Federal government on Constitutional grounds. If you have any interest at all in approaching this discussion from an honest standpoint, then take up my challenge. Go see how many bills you support that have the same Constitutional notes.

    As for Holly being a RINO, you couldn’t be more wrong. That sounds like a great argument to make since you are so emotionally invested in the anti-immigration movement, so much so that you have blinders on to anything else. You just can’t stand to see a viewpoint different than yours regarding that issue, and rather than take a deep breath and look at the principles upon which supporters of HB116 base their support, you would rather make false accusations, battle against straw men, and generally endulge yourself in a series of logical fallacies, and why? For what? So you can justify your anti-immigration xenophobia.

    I for one enjoy hearing both sides of any debate, and I like being challenged and hearing exactly why someone who generally shares my principles disagrees with me on a particular issue. In fact, if I’m wrong I want to know why, so I can change my position.

    The fact that you would pretend that Holly is a RINO (especially in light of her voting record, the rankings she pointed out above, etc…) is proof enough that you are not interested in logic, fairness, or truth, but that you would rather just run someone out of town on a rail because she disagrees with you on this issue.

    Do you even know Holly? I would say not if you are making allegations that she wants to get rid of the caucus system.

    As for her “right to ignore the voice of her constituents”, she has the duty to declare the principles upon which she will base her legislative decisions, and then she has the duty to maintain those principles, EVEN IF her constituents are blowing in the wind and are not maintaining said principles. The last thing any politician should do is compromise their principles for political expediency. By the way, I was one of the County delegates that overwhilmingly ushered Craig Frank back into office. Once it became impossible for him to continue serving (and for the same reason it became impossible for me to continue serving as a County delegate), I, and obviously a majority of the other delegates, supported Holly. I recognize that because of the emotional nature of many Republicans’ attachment to anti-immigration sentiment it is very possible that Holly might not be elected if she chooses to run at the end of this term, but that is an indictment of the irrational anti-immigration movement, not of Holly or her conservative values.

    I don’t always agree with Holly, but I will stick to logic and facts and principles when discussing which points I agree with and which I don’t.

    I think you should do the same.

  27. Adam Gale Says:

    Well, since you are just looking to defend the failed Holly, and have ignored actual logic and facts, I’ll simply stop responding to you. You ask for a definition of what conservative is, then attack that definition when I provided it.

    You talk a good game, but like all liberals, end up with nothing but hot air.

    NO elected official is put in office to vote their own principles, they are elected to REPRESENT their constituents, regardless if they believe in what their constituents want. Holly has failed to do so, and has failed the Republican party.

    To make promises, and say you have certain values, you are expected to retain those values, and vote what your constituents say, not how you feel. It is also disgusting that Holly has used the LDS church to further her own political agenda, and even saying to some people that they me jeopardizing their standing within the church by opposing HB116. I spoke with my bishop, and he assured me that anyone that opposes HB116 is not putting themselves in jeopardy with the LDS Church, and it is encouraged that we are actively involved in the political process.

    HB116 calls for government agencies to be created therefore growing the government. An agency will be created to monitor and issue guest worker permits.

    Holly and her cohorts are trying to destroy the delegate process, and change it so she won’t lose her job in 2012, which is guaranteed if she runs, nearly every delegate in her district opposes her.

  28. hollyonthehill Says:

    Oh Adam, puh-lease. You have zero proof for any of your allegations. Zero. The only thing that is even remotely factually accurate is that I voted for 116. I will say, though, that I do vote on principle and will continue to do so. I have no respect for legislators who have to take a poll to figure out what they believe.

  29. Adam Gale Says:

    Holly, I live in Heber City, Utah, I don’t know where you get your St. George information from. We have spoken to your delegates, and most certainly all but a few are disappointed in you and the work that you’ve done.

    Those who seek to glorify themselves, are most certainly seeking to take glory from someone else.

    You seek to glorify yourself Holly, you just spouted off a bunch of items that are both untrue, and self glorifying. Those few that approve of you won’t be reelected as delegates. I’m actually going to be moving into your district so I can help oust those few delegates that are for you and your socialist agenda. I’m sure you’ll delete and censor this, as you always do when someone says something you don’t like.

    $2500 dollars is the cost of breaking the law and thumbing their noses at the United States of America. Yup, that sure covers the cost of their entitlement programs, and ID theft. How exactly is ID theft addressed in HB116, Holly? Oh yeah, ONLY IF CONVICTED are the victims compensated.

  30. Adam Gale Says:

    Holly, I have no respect for a leader that doesn’t represent her constituents.

  31. JJL9 Says:

    Adam, you are seriously out of control. You have proven that you don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

    Your rhetoric is not worth Holly’s time to continue responding to.

  32. Adam Gale Says:

    I’m done addressing you on this matter, Holly. Your delegates have spoken, a hobo will probably have a better chance at winning next election than you do. You were never meant to be a Representative, you do NOT represent your district, you represent your own agenda, and use the LDS Church as a political weapon anytime anyone disagrees with you. FYI, bringing up the LDS Church’s stance at Caucus meetings is both reprehensible as there are many delegates not of the LDS faith, but it also violates the very tenets of Church/State separation. You disregard the minority of your constituents that are not LDS.

  33. hollyonthehill Says:

    And the great thing is, over 60% think I do = and that I’m doing a great job. You’ve spoken to “all” my delegates? Right. Can you tell me how many I have? I didn’t think so. And by the way, identity theft IS addressed in HB 116. In the United States, we still believe in being innocent until proven guilty. And the fine? 10-50 times higher than the federal penalty…..So Adam, go ahead and move into Pleasant Grove, or any of the other 50+ districts of Reps who voted for the bill. Weird that I didn’t sponsor the bill or speak to the bill in the House but you somehow think I single-handedly passed this bill. Oh, and bringing up the LDS church in caucus meetings? Never happened.

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