Osama bin Laden killed in overnight raid


Amost 10 years after airliners flew into the twin towers, the “Ace of Spades” has been taken out. In a late night news conference, President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed by US forces. Using human intelligence, bin Laden’s location in Pakistan was pinpointed, orders were given and in a short, 40-minute firefight, he was killed.

Four others in the compound also were killed, while there were no casualties among the Navy Seal team conducting the raid. Bin Laden’s body was later buried at sea. There is no grave for followers to worship at as they try to turn him into a martyr.

I would like to congratulate Obama for acting on the intelligence they had and giving the orders to take Bin Laden out. I disagree with many of his decisions, but this was well done. Of course, there is no praise high enough for our military, putting their lives on the line day after day. Very proud of them.

As you might expect, there is wall-to-wall coverage out there right now. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, Al Jazeera

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  2. JBT Says:

    On May 1 2011 eight years to the day after “W” stood in front of his misguided banner, President Obama can rightfully proclaim “Mission Accomplished”.

  3. Pops Says:

    Yup – he sent what the left once criticized as “Bush’s and Cheney’s personal killing squad” to get Osama – the double standard strikes again.

  4. JJL9 Says:

    Holly, you should have made a new post every day for this story, each day retelling the story like the White House has. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s version of the mission.

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