Daily Fix, May 4


My sincere thanks to my new co-blogger, Michelle Mumford. Woot!

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you.

*Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. has finally announced a non-announcement of a possible presidential bid. Huh? Huntsman filed papers with the Federal Election Commission to establish “H PAC”, a federal political action committee likely formed to explore his non-presidential chances. SL Trib Former President Jimmy Carter thinks Huntsman is an “attractive” candidate. SL Trib Uh oh – H PAC isn’t going to like that.

*Utah State Representative Stephen Sandstrom had to be airlifted off Mount Everest a few days ago after a near heart attack interrupted his quest for the top of the world. SL Trib Representative Sandstrom had been preparing for this dream for five years, and had spent weeks acclimating himself to the high altitude at a base camp of approximately 18,000 feet.

*House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called former President George W. Bush on Tuesday to congratulate him on the capture of Osama bin Laden. The Hill Apparently, she phoned former President Clinton as well. You know, for his help in capturing . . .

*Osama bin Laden coverage is still focusing on the fact that President Obama had to rely on policies and procedures that he condemns. Washington Examiner// Daily Caller 

*A bill to allow faculty to carry guns on campus in Tennessee universities and colleges was killed for the year in a state House committee. Knox News

*The Justice Department opens an anti-trust inquiry into BCS’s college bowl process. CNN Haven’t we been hearing about that for awhile now from our own esteemed Attorney General? Deseret News Senator Hatch apparently thought it was a good idea. Who’s idea was it again?

*Oh yeah – there’s still a war going on in Libya! Reuters



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