Daily Fix, May 5


(by Michelle Mumford)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! KSL

*The Utah Redistricting Committee met yesterday and voted to stick with the same principles that guided redistricting 10 years ago. SL Trib Republicans on the committee rejected Democrat efforts to gerrymander “communities of interest” as well as Libertarian Party Chairman J. Robert Latham’s proposal to study “proportional representation,” which would result in multi-representative, larger districts. The committee chose instead to stick with traditional single-legislator districts.

*Marilee Adams Stowell, wife of late-Senator Dennis Stowell, publishes a letter with her intent to run for DIstrict 28 Senate, and fulfill the remaining term of her late-husband. Southern Utah News

*Starting in Septemner, SLC schools will extend benefits to its employees’ gay partners. SL Trib Park City School District extended health benefits to same–sex partners in January.

*Tonight is the first Republican debate, but the key players seem to be missing. Washington PostA Those who will be there: Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Who won’t be there? Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Mitch Daniels, and Jon Huntsman Jr. It’s appropriate that the Libertarians see their success partnered with the Republican party. FoxNews Blog  To celebrate, Ron Paul has launched a “money bomb,” which has already earned $500,000. Fox News 

*John Boehner vows not to raise the debt ceiling without “trillions” of dollars in spending cuts. Reuters Not quite the same as Senator Mike Lee, who is gathering signatures to oppose increasing the debt limit unless a balanced budget amendment is passed first. SL Trib Blog 

*Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request yesterday seeking pictures of OBL raid. Gateway Pundit The Defense Department has 20 days to respond. And in the meantime, the White House has gone silent on all further details. Washington Post You can’t handle the truth! 

*Utahns may be in for a wet spring, but the Mississippi River is flooding! USA Today Thousands have already been evacuated.

*Jobless claims rose to a 8-month high last week. Yahoo News The audacity.


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