Daily Fix, May 12


*The Salt Lake metro area ranked #3 nationally for public transit connecting people to jobs. SL Trib In the top 100 metro areas, public buses and trains on average allow residents to reach 30% of the area’s jobs within a 90-minute ride. Salt Lake transit reaches 59% of jobs, almost twice the national average.

*Representative Jim Matheson joined senior member of the Ways and Means committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R, Texas) in introducing a bill in the U.S. House that would allow U.S. companies to pay taxes at the reduced rate of 5.25%, rather than 35%, for either 2011 or 2012, on any monies earned in foreign subsidiaries reinvested back into American operations. Wall Street Journal The Chairmen of Cisco Systems and Oracle Corp. suggested such a plan last October, and Governor Herbert wrote to Speaker John Boehner in March that such a change would greatly benefit Utah. SL Trib

*Ron Paul wouldn’t have authorized the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. Daily Caller Instead, he would have cooperated with the Pakistani government in arresting OBL.

*Ex-officer and political candidate for Salt Lake County Sheriff Beau Babka pled guilty today to attempted misuse of public funds, a class A misdemeanor. Deseret News The court sentenced him to 80 hours of community service, a $200 fine, and required him to repay the $120.58 he spent on gas.

*The current administration’s rush to divest us of our GM stock before the 2012 election is costing us billions. The Atlantic

*85% of new college grads are moving back in with mom and dad. Time Hmm. Can anyone say entitled generation?

*President Obama claims that the high unemployment is due in large part to “huge” layoffs of government workers at the federal, state and local level. National Review In fact, government workers make up for 2.4% of the currently unemployed.


2 Responses to “Daily Fix, May 12”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    L. O. Freaking Ron Paul L. Because the Pakistani government is so effective, trustworthy, and stable, right? (Paul did know that the compound was throwing distance from a Pakistani military installation, right?)


  2. Mormon Man Says:

    I would say part of the reason that percentage of college grads are living with their parents is the entitlement mentality. But I’m willing to bet a larger part is because it’s almost impossible for college grads to find a job in this economy. On top of that, so many kids are majoring in worthless degrees like creative writing or African Women’s Lit that don’t generate jobs or push the economy forward anyway. It must be fun having a Masters’, tens of thousands of dollars of student-loan debt, and a job as a barrista at the local coffee shop.

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