Daily Fix, May 13


It’s Friday the 13th!!! Be careful out there.

*Senator Hatch joined Utah colleague Rep. Rob Bishop, and Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, from Wyoming, in introducing the Repeal Amendment, a constitutional amendment to allow states to repeal onerous federal laws. Political News Maybe the federal government should just stop passing onerous federal laws.

*Meanwhile, MSNBC Rachel Maddow challenged Senator Hatch to come on her show and explain his claim that MSNBC is playing politics with tax breaks for big oil. MSNBC

*Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has an I Told You So editorial in the Washington Post. Washington Post He manages to include a scathing indictment of WikiLeaks Julian Assange while using the WikiLeaks files to vindicate Bush administration policies and Guantanamo. Clever.

*While Utah’s top political leaders can’t seem to choose between Huntsman and Romney, state polling from February shows Romney beating Huntsman in a hypothetical primary 72% to 15%. The Hill Rep. Chaffetz served as Huntsman’s first chief of staff, but will be appearing at a Romney fundraiser this weekend. Governor Herbert was Huntsman’s Lt Gov, but has joked that he might endorse them both. And Senator Lee thinks Romney would be a “great candidate” but has been defending Hunstman from claims of disloyalty. Cache Valley Daily Michael Barone, in the Washington Examiner, claims there is no current front runner in this article.

*The Legislature’s Redistricting Committee has scheduled its first hearing for May 20 at 6 p.m. at the Lehi Jr. High School auditorium, 700 E. Cedar Hollow Road. SL Trib The committee’s staff will make a presentation, then the committee will receive public comment.

*The Governor will not be reappointing Sam Granato, current Chairman of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, to the DABC Board. ABC4 There is no mention the in the story to the highly critical audit of the DABC expected to be released next week. ABC4

*Our best wishes go out to Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who is in the hospital after a particularly bad reaction to chemotherapy. SL Trib

*And finally, if you’re not heading out to Fillmore for the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee meeting on Saturday, please consider helping fill sandbags at the public works complex, 604 W. 6960 South, Midvale, between 9 a.m. and noon. They hope to fill 5,000 sandbags. SL Trib


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  1. JJL9 Says:

    Rather than use Sam Granato as a scape-goat for the inevitible corruption and misuse of public money at the hands of the government monopoly of an entire industry within Utah, why not do the right thing and simply turn it over to private control?

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