Daily Fix, May 17


Snow in May. Boo.

*Utah received national attention from the Washington Post again, for a woman who offered an undercover policeman an Olive Garden salad in return for $10 worth of cocaine. Washington Post Not quite the attention we’re hoping for.

*The Corporation for National and Community Service named “with distinction” 3 Utah schools to its “honor roll” – Westminster College, Utah Valley University, and Brigham Young University. SL Trib Now that’s worthy attention.

*While Mitt Romney pulled in $10.25 million in his Monday fundraiser in Las Vegas, Politico, Jon Huntsman Jr. is all over the news. The White House doesn’t quite know how to attack him yet, The Hill, Time magazine found him worthy of an interview, Time, and Jonathan Alter thinks he’s the “big new Republican face of 2012,” Bloomberg. And, Newt Gingrich backtracks his “disastrous” interview on Sunday.

*The Utah Citizens Counsel has offered up four “fair” possibilities for redistricting; all four maps leave Salt Lake County as its own district. SL Trib I guess a “fair” seat is now synonymous with a safe seat.

*20% of the new Affordable Care Act waivers went to posh eateries, nightclubs and hotels in Nancy Pelosi’s district. Daily Caller Well at least those lobster dinners can remain affordable!

*Rep. Dennis Ross (R, Texas) wants to sell Utah to reduce the national debt. Reuters We’ll buy it!


4 Responses to “Daily Fix, May 17”

  1. Sue Connor Says:

    Is this comment from Michelle or Holly? “I guess a “fair” seat is now a safe seat.” No, a “fair” seat is a district defined by the principles set by the Legislature and the Redistricting Committee of the same body. Utah Citizen Committee maps, also endorsed by RepresentMeUtah.org and other good government non partisan citizen groups are utilizing the same principles. A “fair” district is compact, equal in population, keeping cities, counties, and communities of common interest together.

    How did you arrive at your conclusion from the Trib article?

  2. Michelle Q. Mumford Says:

    Sue, the Daily Fixes that have me listed as author are written by me. Any commentary by Holly would be in the comments section.

    I arrived at my conclusion because those that are advocating a donut hole approach are doing so in order to create a “safe” seat for Jim Matheson. I consider any such maps to be gerrymandered, since that district would be created in order to keep a certain legislator in office. The committee has pledged to not take political data into account when drawing districts, and has refused the “communities of interest” argument — i.e. political parties. Please see this link to read about the principles guiding the committee’s decisions: http://www.utahpolicy.com/featured_article/redistricting-committee-adopts-principles-biskupski-resigns-from-panel.

  3. Sue Connor Says:

    Michelle, thanks for your response. I have attended the RD meetings and am aware of their principles. It is disappointing that the RD committee voted on straight party lines to remove the “community interests” phrase from the redistricting principles. “Communities of common interest” is not supposed to mean “political parties”. It can mean groups interested in water issues, land issues, urban development issues, drilling issues, etc. The RD committee has requested citizen input and so far all citizen groups providing input to the RD committee have requested that communities of common interest be including in the RD principles, but they have chosen to reject this community input as well as the citizen input regarding the need for a non partisan independent redistricting committee. Thus far, the RD committee has acted in a very partisan manner. Lastly, if I chose to accept your interpretation of the donut hole plan, it would also mean that the RD committee would have chosen to create 3 “safe” districts for republicans and one “safe” district for democrats. How is that “unfair”? Advocating the donut hole plan is about keeping Salt Lake City and most of SL County intact which IS a RD principle. And it IS a RD principle to keep politics out of the process.

  4. markg91359 Says:

    We can play all the games we want too. What redistricting is about in Utah is an attempt to gerrymander Jim Matheson out of his congressional seat. I’m kind of laughing over it. Because I see the GOP going to alot of effort for no good reason. When all is said and done, Matheson will keep his seat. This has been tried before and it didn’t work than. Plus, its harder when you have four seats (instead of three) and you have to cut up Salt Lake County to keep one from going to a democrat.

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